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I'm Not Patient

I'm under the impression that I'm a lot less patient than most folks.  When I'm waiting for some particular thing to happen, like for my final exam to land in my Gmail in-box, I tend to want to pull my desk toward me, as though in doing so, I'm pulling time toward me, from the future.  (Think: folding space).

And, yes, I'm actually looking forward to receiving my final exam, and hoping that it will arrive, Today.  And, yes, I know that's crazy.  The thing is that I've been having to take extra classes, because I hadn't yet gotten all the homework assignments turned in that were pre-requisites of being able to schedule the final.

This is something that I've been wanting for a long while.  For a long while, I wanted to be able to "officially" help people by talking to them.  I just didn't know what that was called.  Funny that it took me so long to figure out that it's called Life Coaching when I, myself, have been seeing a Life Coach for several years, now.

Another thing that's going to require some patience, is Much Ado About Sebastapol.  If this is an event that you haven't experienced, yet, allow me to introduce you.  This is a wonderfully fun, family oriented event, that smacks of Renaissance Fair. 

Where it differs from Ren. Fair, is that where at Ren. Fair, you're either a performer or a spectator, at Much Ado, you're encouraged to participate and learn how things were actually done/crafted in Days of Olde. 

At one booth, kids can make their own leather pouches, at another booth they can play Rat-a-Pult, or learn to weave a bit or practice their fencing skills, once they're properly suited up. 

There's an archery field, as well, and plenty of food booths and a sort of actors guild, that plays at being Queen and Courtiers in order to teach the kids how to bow and curtsey, and dance, as though they are proper little courtiers, too.

My son and I will be there this Sunday, and we may even have some of his little friends in tow.  If you've been reading my blogs or seeing me for massage or listening to my W/F radio show:  100 People You Should Know, please stop me and introduce yourself.  I'll probably be wearing my purple, Flemish Painter's cap. 

There's a great story behind that cap.  My husband bought it for me when we were dating.  One day, I drove by his apartment to see if he was in, and he wasn't.  I didn't have pencil and paper, so I left the cap under the windshield wiper of his car.  He had walked to somewhere, aparently. 

He thought that was very cute, and we became an item from that day on.  I'm the expensive half the item, and he's the sensible half. 

That was one time, when Patience wouldn't have served me well.  If I had waited for him to ask me to marry him, it might never have happened.  I really don't know. 

I didn't exactly ask him, but I wasn't subtle, when I hinted, either. You'll have to wait to read the rest in my book.  It's going to be called:  The Journey Starts Where?!!

Have to do a few more things, now to keep busy until I get hold of my final exam. 

Take Care, Dear Readers and remember that I intend to close down Perfect Day Massage within the next 6 months or so, so now would be a good time to redeem those Gift Certificates and Groupons.

Yours in Service
Sue Hirsch of Petaluma
100 People You Should Know radio show