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Hi Sue,
Hope all is well with you. Thanks again for your interview!
I have qualified for a Kickstarter to bring the Dulcimer Project to 100 Sonoma County youth through Boys & Girls Clubs and after school programs.
It can be accessed through my website through kickstarter icon or here .http://kck.st/1ekQSND

If you would like to pass on the info I have stripped in an example e-mail below that can be used as a template to pass information on.


Thanks for your indulgence in regards to this e-mail outreach. This is my passion to support kids and their educational experience, especially in Music and Art. Art and Music are not "Electives" they are "Essentials" for brain exercise and brain development. This is proven. This means better academic performance as proven by studies at major universities such as Stanford, Northwestern University etc. 

 So this is a request to support our Dulcimer Project Kickstarter project to enable 100 children to build and play their own Mountain Dulcimer in after school enrichment programs and Boys & Girls Clubs in Sonoma County. 

 The pledge goal must be met by Oct 11 2013, or the project does not fly. No pledges are processed unless the goal is met. 

 A pledge of $10 could help give 100 children the gift of Music – Deadline for funding goal October 11th . Donations start at one dollar. 

 Access details on the project and pledge here http://kck.st/1ekQSND See the 5 minute documentary on the Dulcimer Project plus all the details about pledging. Safe pledging is handled through Amazon and Kickstarter 

 You could also go to, or send friends to, www.storiesandstrings.com and select the kickstarter icon on the site to see details and pledge. 

 Here are two reasons to pledge to support the project: 

 1. From "The Music in Our Minds" by Norman M. Weinberger; published in Educational Leadership, Vol. 56, No. 3: Nov. 1998. Brain scans taken during musical performances show that virtually the entire cerebral cortex, (central processing area of the brain), is active while musicians are performing. Almost every system of the brain is at work simultaneously during a music performance, and brain cells are rapidly sending messages. The "workout" that the brain experiences during a musical performance strengthens the connections between brain cells, allowing the brain to function more efficiently. 

 2. Here is the view from one student in the Dulcimer Project documentary 

"Dulcimers are FUN" 

 Please pass this e-mail on if you want to help support the effort to enrich children's lives. The children are our future.

 It takes a village! 

 All the best! 


Richard Standard
Artist, Storyteller and Musician
"Bringing you tales from around the world
and the sweet sounds of the Mountain Dulcimer"
Creator of Stories and Strings
Oral Tradition Arts and Music Educational Programs
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