Hello Again

Hello Again

Those of you who have been closely following my blogroll, will remember that I mentioned that I was planning to shut down Perfect Day Massage (PDM).  As it turns out, I will not be completely shutting down, after all.  I will, however be lightening my work load. 

Bill, my employee will be doing many of the massages at PDM, and he's very good.  He's actually been doing it a lot longer than I have.  (30 years to my 13).  He spent some of that time giving massage at a resort, and I know that you're all going to love his massage. 

New Business:  (Besides Reap Your Dream).

Did you all know that Much Ado About Sebastapol is next week-end?  I think I mentioned it in my last blog post.  If you haven't read that yet, you might want to check it out to get some details about Much Ado, and then Google Much Ado About Sebastapol.  Tickets are cheap, and once you're in, you will find yourself buying a few more gaming tickets, and tickets for food and drinks, but the proceeds go to the schools of Sebastapol, so you're actually doing a mitzvah, (Good deed- Hebrew/Yiddish) by taking your kids for a day of Renaissancy fun. 

For those of you who don't understand the Reap Your Dream reference, above, I will mention, again, that I'm opening a new business (besides the new business of Much Ado).  Reap Your Dream is the name of my new business, and you can google it on the web. 

I am a Certified Wellness Coach, and would love to chat with you about how you might like to tweak your life/lifestyle in order to improve your health and happiness.  You will find links to a few very good articles that explain the importance of realizing that the two things are not only inter-related, but inseparable as conjoined twins.

If you're unhappy in your work life, your health and home life will suffer, and vice-versa. 

Fortunately, the flip side of the coin is just as true.  Once you've made one little tweak to improve any aspect of your life, all aspects of your life will improve as a by-product of that original improvement. 

Don't mistake improvement for a destination.  It is only a weighpoint on your journey.  We are all works in progress, and I am no different from you in that respect.  I am constantly battling weight issues, and clutter in my home.  I am constantly trying to find more ways to circumvent stress eating, and to navigate around the big empty card-board boxes and giant toys and miscellany in my house that I keep thinking may be useful some day. 

Just Yesterday, I began negotiations with a Professional Organizer who I hope will soon be helping me clean up my act.  Once my home is a bit de-cluttered, I know that I will have less stress, and one less reason for stress eating.  For a little professional organizing help, you may want to email Kari Wishingrad:  Kwish@vom.com

If you happen to be organizing near your computer, on a M/W, at 10am, you may want to be live-streaming my radio show:  100 People You Should Know via blogtalkradio.com.  It's free to be on my show, and I'm always looking for guest speakers.  Just call the ph. number at the end of the blog.

Enjoy your week, Dear Readers.  I'll hope to see you at Much Ado About Sebastapol.  Look for the purple Flemish painters cap. 

Yours in Service:  Sue Hirsch, CMT and CWC.