Bows in her ........Fur

Our dog Shadow came home from the kennel, where we have her groomed and dog-sat, with bows in her fur, Today.  The bows were gender appropriate, and according to my husband, "dorky".   I had to agree.
The problem was that I didn't have time to stand around and listen to the complaints about her teeth not having been cleaned, and the bows having been put in her fur.  I had a phone date coming up.  No, I don't mean a phone date in the way of something tantalizingly sleazy.  I mean a phone date with a counselor. 
The Life Coach is getting coached, Today.  I only bring it up, because it is yet another reason that I would have liked to have been able to stay home, instead of running out to get the dog back from her grooming session.  On the other hand, she is the only friend that my son gets to see when he's grounded, as he is this week.
Dogs are good for that.  They're good for a lot of things and we tend to take those things for granted, and look down on their entire species because they don't have opposable thumbs.  Now why would they need thumbs? 
We open their cans of dog food, hold the end of the leash and open their cage after they've been to the vet.
All a dog has to do is make us feel loved, even when we've messed up everything we've touched on any given day.  All they have to do is come when we call long as it suits them, and do tricks to amuse us, including wearing silly costumes.  They don't need thumbs to do any of those things.
We can train dogs to do these things, and when we've trained them properly, they'll even do those things eagerly.  There are probably not a lot of humans who would do the same tricks with the same eagerness, although I'm pretty sure that my hubby would be happy enough to kiss me on command.
Maybe instead of celebrating a day named after a man who brought us to the age of stealing American land from Native Americans, we should be celebrating a creature whose sole purpose in life is to make us feel better and be better people.  Once we've learned to treat dogs better, maybe we can apply that to how we treat each other, and how we treat other creatures on this planet, and even the planet, itself.  At that point we'll have learned what the Native Americans knew and tried to teach us, before we began killing them and forcing them to live on reservations.  We'll have learned that as long as we take good care of Mother Earth, she will be able to take care of us, in return. 
I've opened a window here, to an opportunity for greater research and further education for you.  Now go and look up The Grange, in your town, and continue to be enlightened and enriched.
Yours In Service
Sue Hirsch, Owner/CMT of Perfect Day Massage;  Certified Wellness Coach of Reap Your Dream and Hostess of 100 People You Should Know.