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An Apple A Day And Beyond

I really hope that forwarding this link works and that everyone can see, now that an apple a day is good for more than just keeping the doctor away.  If you can't see the link via this blog, please check out my facebook pages, because the link will take you to a chart of a lot of fruits and veges and will tell you what part of your body or which system you're protecting or helping by eating that item of produce. 
When I was studying to get my CMT (Certificate of Massage Therapy) I had a teacher who was knowledgable in nutrition, who taught us that the best indication that the foods on our plate were healthful to eat, was their freshness and colorfulness, and the chart will list for you produce that covers all those color and freshness bases.
I've been doing a lot of reading, lately, and reflecting on eating disorders and issues around food.  I've come to realize that if you're hungry and you're eating the right foods to satisfy that hunger, and the foods that you're eating are real (non- GMO, not from a box, etc) and as long as they're fresh and colorful, and prepared properly, than there's really no reason to beat ourselves up about having eaten. 
A lot of people have issues with eating disorders.  If you suspect that you may even know someone with an eating disorder, I would urge you to read Michelle Minero's:  Self-Love Diet- The Only Diet That Works.  This is an important book to read, because eating disorders are all around us, at epidemic levels, and that makes them not just an individual issue, but a societal issue. 
I understand more and more, as I read on in Michelle's book, how important it is to recognize that our diet fad prone country is helping to jeapordize the health of our young people by feeding them false information about how bodies should look. 
We are all different, and we should look like no one but ourselves.  We need to keep in mind that producers of diet pills have a stake in our belief that the perfect body is anorexically slim.  Clothing designers have the same sort of stake in that belief, as do many doctors. 
A large part of the medical profession is based on having people believe that if their weight falls outside a certain range that they will become very ill.  This is actually true to a certain point.  At the same time, there are a lot of surgeons who take advantage of this knowledge, in order to convince people that their best solution is surgery to remove the fat, or put a band around the part of their intestine closest to the stomach, so that food gets to the stomach less easily.
There are a lot of products being sold, that promise to help you lose weight without your having to change your life-style, and those producers also depend on our belief that being over-weight is unacceptable.
It's very true that being over-weight can be very dangerous for your health, and if you're changing your life-style to become healthier, that's a good thing.  The trick is to remember that becoming healthier has to take into account that you are a whole person.  Whole people have real lives and play many different roles in the course of a day.  Your solutions to your health issues, including any dietary issues, have to be tailor made to fit your life.
You may have very little time in your busy day for an exercise routine, and that just means that something has to give in order for you to be able to make that extra little bit of time.  You may want to ask your boss if you can work from home, a couple of half days each week, so that you can fit a little bit of exercise into your mornings, before you go into the office.  You may want to ask if you can leave a bit earlier than usual, two days a week, and come in a bit earlier the next morning, in order to get some exercise on your way home.
When you exercise and what you do to get exercise has to fit you, and it has to be something you enjoy.  When you come to me for Life or Wellness Coaching, I'll ask you if you want to go into some of that, and if you do, we'll figure out where some item on your daily calendar can move over just a bit or have some element of exercise added in to it.
So for now, Readers, I wish you good eating, and fun exercise at least 3x/week.  ;)

Yours in Service
Sue Hirsch, Owner/CMT of Perfect Day Massage;  Certified Wellness Coach of Reap Your Dream and Hostess of 100 People You Should Know Radio Show.  Please listen via blogtalkradio.com