Above is a link to an event that I will be attending, at Work Petaluma, because it sounds really great for people who want to accelerate their business.

I'm really into that, lately, as I've just become a Certified Wellness Coach and no one knows I exist yet............as a Coach. 

I'm also putting on an event of my own, at Lydia's Sunflower Center on May 31st, in Petaluma, and everyone is invited.

In case you haven't read my previous blogs, it's going to be called Meet the 100- Grow Yourself; Grow a Cause.  (Some of the proceeds will go to the cause of the evening, as this will be a kick-off event and subsequent events will feature 2 key note speakers and a representative of a charitable organization who will have 10 minutes in which to speak, in between the 2 key note speakers.

The kick-off event will be at 7p, unless you want dinner first, at a discount at Lydia's, and then you should arrive at 6. 

Some of my featured key noters will be Catarina Rando- Thriving Entrepreneur, Wendy Lyon, Phd.- My True Love Path, Dale Wannen- Sustainves Asset Management, Helen Greico- S.H.E. Academy and Brave People, and several more.

I'll be doing 2 of these speaker events/mo. for 3 months, so that you can have a lovely afternoon or evening out, while learning a lot in a fun atmosphere, and helping a good cause, as well.  Please continue to watch my facebook page, and this blogroll for more details on these events, as I will be letting you know about when and how you can make a reservation.