Here to Serve You

Here to Serve You

I wanted to let you know about my radio show, because this is something that can help everyone and anyone.  I began hosting 100 People You Should Know in order to give back to my community, and it's recently dawned on me that I am also helping the speakers that I am featuring on my show. 

If you are listening to my show, already, I thank you and I'd love to hear about any bits that strike you.  I'd love that so much that I am offering a 10% discount on Perfect Day Massages, to those who come in and mention something about one of my radio shows.

I have had some really great speakers on my show who have given great tips:  Dale Wannen gave some on more local and eco-friendly asset management.  Elece Hemple told us exactly what Petaluma People Services does for those in need.  Susan Price told us a bit about the Petaluma Womans Club, and how that helps us gals to connect and just have fun together.  Michelle Minero gave us straight talk about eating disorders and Doctor Goodman-Herrick told us about Naturopathy and Homeopathy, and how the whole field of Naturopathy, including Homeopathy is gaining the recognition and even admiration of many Doctors of conventional medicine.

So I know that my show is helpful to my listeners, each time, and as I said, it's recently dawned on me that my show helps my speakers, too.  In this day of the great information highway on the net, they are able to copy and paste the link to my show where-ever they want in order to feed empowering information to their clients and anyone else who may be listening. 

I can almost guarantee that there is something for everyone on my show, and I know that it will be of value to non-Marin/Sonoma/Marin residents as well as our own community (Sonoma/Marin/Napa).  I want so much to bring more of this kind of valuable understanding to my own community that I am organing a kick off event for May 31 at Lydia's Sunflower Center in Petaluma, where 12 keynote speakers and 6 representatives of non-profit organizations will tell you a little bit about their specialties and or who they help. 

If that's not enough to get you there, that evening, then you may want to come to meet the Mayor of Petaluma, David Glass or to win a raffel prize or to get a chance to exchange business cards with the speakers. 

I will be sending out real invitations, soon, via email blast, and asking that people RSVP because there is room for only about 100 people at Lydia's.  Please RSVP if you'd like to come.  I know that I'll be there.  ;)