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In case you're a little confused, by my latest (and first real) attempt at e-marketing, I am now wearing two business hats.  No, I'm not talking about a Yamulka (tiny Jewish hat for prayer) under a Stetson.  One of my businesses is called Perfect Day Massage, as many of you already know, and the other one is Reap Your Dream Life Coaching.  I am a Certified Wellness Coach, and proud of it! 

I'm just figuring out Schedulicity, and hope that you have all received some sort of e-blast in your in box about two upcoming events.  One of those two events, I'm organizing and planning myself..........with a lot of help, and the other event is done by  Caterina is the expert speaker who does those events, and she's PHENOMENAL.

In fact, I'm going to be at her event in January at the San Mateo Marriot, as I said in that e-blast that I hope you all got, and if you're worried about the priciness, after you check out the event on her website, just email me, and I'll give you a discount code that is guaranteed to make it feasible for you.

Caterina's events are not to be missed, and you will never regret having gone.  They will change the whole way that you look at and do business, for the better.

After you've joined me at Caterina's event, (or even if you can't make it to San Mateo) please RSVP for my event:  Meet the 100- Grow Yourself;  Grow a Cause.  The kick-off to that event is May 31, 2014 and then a speaker series will follow on the first Th. of each month, and the 4th Saturday from June- Aug.

This speaker series is a sort of a spin off of my radio show:  100 People You Should Know.  I hope that you already know about my radio show.  It's on on W/F at 10am via  You can always listen to the shows that are archived, if you can't listen live.  I pride myself on having something for everyone on that show.  If one doesn't suit your tastes, please try choosing another.

I've offered a discount, to those who mention my radio show, when they come in for a massage or a first Life Coaching consultation.  My coaching rates are on my site: 

I'm really having a blast organizing this event, so please remember to mark it on your calendars, right now, so that you'll be able to show up on May 31.  Lydia's has offered a 10% discount on dinners to attendees who show up at 6p, and the event is from 7-9. 

At the kick-off event, you'll hear 12 speakers tell you what they'll be telling you about on their evenings to speak.  They will be experts like, Michelle Minero, PhD and authoress who works with people who have eating dis-orders, Dale Wannen of Sustainvest Asset Management who can help you to make your investment portfolio reflect your local and eco-friendly values, Caterina Rando who can help you to spring board your biz to the next level, Anastasia Schuster who can find venues and speaking engagements for speakers, and speakers for orgs that want them, and many others.

Also at this speaker series there will be 6 representatives of non-profit organizations, who will have a brief chance to speak in between my two key noters, and some of the proceeds will go to the non-profit org of the evening. 

You can get dinner at Lydia's, if you come an hour before the event, and you can get it at a 10% discount, if you're coming to the event after.  Be sure to bring your business cards, so that you can share them around before and after the event, and drop one into a raffel box at the door. 

Happy Halloween, Dear Readers.

Sue Hirsch, CWC (Reap Your Dream); Owner/CMT (Perfect Day Massage); Hostess of 100 People You Should Know and soon-to-be Agent of Appreciation/MC of Meet The 100- Grow Yourself; Grow a Cause.