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You're Invited

Yes, that invite is for real.  I'm throwing a shin-dig on May 31 of 2014.  Please come and bring friends.  Time TBA.  It will most likely be an evening event, because as much as we all love our kids and the fact that Lydia's always welcomes them, it's ocassionally nice to be able to hear a speaker's uninterrupted flow of ideas.  So it may go without saying at this point, that the event will be at Lydia's Restaurant, here in Petaluma. 

Meet the 100:  Grow Yourself- Grow a Cause.

That's what I'm calling this event, to which you're all, including Mayor David Glass, invited.  The Mayor has generously offered to give awards to those who have spoken on my radio show.  I tend to feature people and professionals who have given back to their community of Sonoma/Napa/Marin. 

So you will see awards given, and have a chance to mingle with the Mayor and those being awarded, and you will have a chance to taste some really wonderful vegan, organic and gluten free food made by Lydia of Lydia's Organics and her crew.

Some of the price of admission will be going to a good cause.  Price of admission, like exact time of the event, TBA.  I'm still hammering out the little details. 

Please clear the decks so that you can all be there on the eve. of the 31st with me.  The more the merrier. 

Your's in Service

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