Sick Days

My son is taking a "sick day" Today.  That means that I am taking a sick day, Today.  In my mind this gives new meaning to the concept that parents are in a very real sense the age of their youngest child. .......... At least the one that stays home with the children is the age of the youngest child.  I can't vouch for the one that leaves the house to work, or spends the majority of the day doing something other than tending to the needs of the kids. 

This is not to say that our kids are not upper-most in our minds, no matter what we're doing, during the day, and it would behoove us to remember that, whether or not our partner is working in the home or out of it, they're doing what they are doing in order to help support the needs of their family.  

Some days the division of duties seems to be more equal than other days.  On days like that it helps to remember that the tide will eventually turn, and the partner that seems to have it easy, Today, will be moving Heaven and Earth to get the housework done, bring home the bacon, and raise the kids, while you take a "sick day".  

For a lot of us, there are certain days of the month during which we can tend to feel a bit low energy, and those are the days to remember on days when it feels like you're doing all the work.  On the days when you're low energy, whether you know it or not, your partner is probably picking up the slack.

If you don't have a partner, then I highly recommend good friends, who will keep your kid(s) over-night or for at least a few hours, to give you the break that you need.  When you're lucky enough to be able to find friends that noble, I recommend that you do everything you can to nurture that relationship, and then take full advantage of the time it gives you to take care of your own needs.  

I happen to be lucky enough to have a really great husband.  Those of you who have been following my blogroll, know enough to call it a "Bragroll" vs. a "blogroll", as I often brag about my husband being the more sensible and domestic of the two of us, and fortunately, our son takes after his father, in many ways.  

When you do get a few hours to yourself, consider yourself lucky, and don't feel guilty about coming to see me for a massage.  It'll help you lose weight, and it'll help you be a more relaxed parent, who is able to use good judgement in making decisions that effect your kids.   

That losing weight thing is true.  When we relax into a good massage, our psyche tells our body to stop producing Cortisol, which is the hormone that causes our bodies to hoard fat in the abs and hips, just in case we're going to need it in the next day or two for that instinctive fight or flight thing.  

That instinct tends to be in over-drive, in Today's world, for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the difficulty of raising our kids, in Today's economy..........or any economy.  This is why it takes a village.  I've blogged on this topic before, and I do remember that my parents had some support, in raising me, as well.  

There were any number of tutors, schools, my big brothers, baby-sitters, extended family members, etc.  Each one made a difference.  Each one helped. 

I may not remember every single baby-sitter, but I remember a lot of them, and I remember that they were all sweet and fun, and in retrospect, they're proof that my parents loved me enough to find and hire the best that they could.  

They hired babysitters, so that they could spend time together, alone, on a fairly regular basis, and while a child might not understand, and might be a bit jealous at times, of that married couple time, married couples need that time to focus on each other, so that they then have more of themselves to give to their children, upon their return.  

If you're a single parent, you still need time away from the kids, and you need massage even more then the rest of us, and this gives rise to my shameless plug for my massage business:  Until 1/1/14, I'm going to run a Single Parent Special.  Get an hr. of massage, now for only $37.  That's half the regular price.  

Happy Holidays, to everyone.  Please enjoy all the new specials for the holidays.  Check me out on Schedulicity.