Fwd: Thanks for Attending & If you Missed the Party ~ Donate to Storyteller & Music Boys&Girls Club

Click on the above  link and see MyParties: Scroll down and you will see:
My name Bonnie Koagedal buy candles by Friday. They smell so good.
Guys.... ladies love candles and they are cheaper than diamonds....just saying.
She will give %15 of your order to the Storyteller to help bring his music program into Boys and Girls club in Sonoma County.

Great way to start giving to community as the holidays begin. Richard Standard.

 I was at this wonderful party, last night, given by my friend Bonnie.  She had put out a sort of open invitation to the entire community, and Richard Standard The Tale Teller was there with his dulcimer.  I'm sure I've mentioned him before in previous blogs, but he's worth mentioning again. 

He's taken up the cause of music in the schools, and anywhere else where he can get music into the hands of children, since music is now being given rather short shrift, in the schools.  For more on his cause, please google:  The Dulcimer Project. 

I bought 4 candles at the party, last night, and was thrilled when I heard the distributor say that some of the proceeds would go to Richard's cause of music for kids. 

This morning, I was still a bit befuddled, maybe from a late night out, and tried to push my son out the door to the bus an hour early.  Thank you Day Light Savings Time.  I can only hope that my readers were not quite as befuddled as I was. 

Good luck with the time change, and remember to come to my May 31st kick-off event:  Meet the 100.  The Mayor of Petaluma will be there, as well as Richard Standard the Tale Teller, and many other incredible professionals from our own community, and a couple from father afield.

Have a great week, Dear Readers.

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