Those Were the Days~!! or Ode to the Phonograph:

Gone are the days when I can turn a dial, put a needle on a record and hear the beauteous and courage giving sounds of any of my favorite artists.  These days, I have my husbands multi-dial stereo system to contend with.  That dangerously mysterious thing that intimidates me from a distance, with it's remote control that can turn on the beautiful music at the touch of a correct button or the tv, with the touch of the other button..... which-ever one that is.......

Oh Dear Phonograph, how I miss you.  You were so elegant in your simplicity, and so personal, in your need for the human touch in order to release your wonderous reproductions of Harry Belafonte, The Kingston Trio, Joni Mitchell, The Music Man and all the other musical plays that were my bread and butter as I grew up in my parents' home, on Fairway Drive in Novato. 

Now, I struggle to understand mechanical devices so obvious to my 10 year old son.  Devices that could do everything for us, if only we could figure out how to turn them on, load them, or set them:  A vacuum that needs a lever pressed several times, in order to clean the rug, even when it's on;  A blender that is supposed to be the cat's whiskers, that needs certain types of food items put in before other types of food items in order to properly blend everything.  A word processing system that so boggles me that I would be better off going back to using one of the type writers currently languishing in an antique shop. 

Let us now raise a glass, to the old phonographs, type writers and sun-dials of old.  They're lives were too short and taken for granted.  They gave so much and asked so little of us.  Let us remember how if not for analog there would be no digital, Today. 

Have wonderful Winter Holidays, Dear Reader, and consider typing up your holiday cards on your trusty old type writer, this year, if only for the sake of originality.  What's old can be new again.

Yours' in Service.

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach, CMT, and Talk Show Hostess of 100 People You Should Know.