Re: Things to Know


A few things that I wanted everyone to know:  Perfect Day Massage will be moving, again.  The little place on Petaluma Blvd. N. was really great and cute and quiet, and had enough room for couples massages.  Unfortunately I'm finding that my parents were right about one thing, in regards to massage:  It can be a chancey thing at which to make a living. 

Massage is considered, by most, to be a luxury, and so we tend to save it for a special treat or for one of those days when we're in a very special kind of pain.

Chiropractics, on the other hand is often thought to be more of a necessity, so that we go to a Chiropractor on a rather regular basis, for "maintenance" of our bodies.  As a massage therapist who's done a lot of reading about chiropractics, I've seen proof of the messes that a lot of chiropractors tend to make of us.  This theory that Chiropractics is necessary while massage is a luxury boggles my mind.

There are of course exceptions to this rule, and Jennifer Price is one.  Jennifer Price is a Chiropractor from a completely different type of school of chiropractics.  She is also one of Petaluma's own business owners, so that when you go to see her, you're supporting one of our own.

I will also still be working in Petaluma, or on it's outskirts, after I've moved.  I will be taking up working residence in a salon that is currently called Tammy's.  It is on Bodega just past Thompson.  Tammy's has recently been taken over by Pam and will soon get a change of name. 

Tammy will continue to work there, ever other week, and I will probably package some massages with hair cuts by Pam or Delphine or Tammy.  You may want to get your nails done there at the same time.  It's a very full service salon. 

I hope that you are all keeping up with news about my speaker series, as well.  (Another way in which I try to fully serve my community).  The kick- off event is May 31, from 7-9, and you can get a 10% discount on dinner, if you show up at Lydia's at 6p.  Everyone who's anyone will be there, including Petaluma's own Mayor, David Glass.

A few more ways in which I can fully serve you:  I'm  ordained to officiate at your wedding- your way;  I can coach you to joyful wellness;  I can cleanse and bless your home, in order to remove supernatural disturbance;  I can give psychic guidance;  I can recommend one of the two books that I've recently written:  The Journey Starts Where?!  Choice and the Adventure of Life and Bathroom Blogs- Anecdotes and Words of Wisdom for Those With Little Time.  You will soon be able to buy them on-line, for under $10. 

I'd like to remind everyone, here, that wellness is really all about doing things that make you happy (like reading my books).  Your work should make you happy.  Your exercise routine should make you happy, and your relationships should make you happy.  If these things don't make you happy, then something needs to be changed. 

If your work and home life are making you happy, and if you are enjoying your exercise routine, then you are going to be well and healthy.  Health is only one aspect of your over-all wellness.  Keep that in mind, when you come to me, for Wellness Coaching. Also keep in mind, that you have all the answers, and I'm just here to help you turn them into a plan of action or map that will be fun and easy for you to follow to a state of wellness, in which all aspects of your life come together to make you healthy, happy and balanced.

Your's in Service:

Sue Hirsch, CMT, CWC, Radio Talk Show Hostess, Officient, and Psychic.
PS:  While my physical place of business will be changing, my websites and phone number, will not.