50 Tips on How to Diet and Slim

Here are 50 tips on how to diet in a healthy and slim :

  1.     Fasting is not the best way to lose weight . Eat enough calories wisely and set
  2.     Avoid snacks from the jar , take in a plate or grab a handful
  3.     Cut into small pieces as a snack replacement
  4.     If you include the likes bread , choose wholegrain
  5.     Avoid foods that contain more than 10 % fat , read food labels nutrient for information
  6.     Record the foods you already eat for 2 weeks .
  7.     Avoid butter because the oil contains saturated
  8.     Bring a bottle of water anywhere on the go
  9.     Detoxfication try to remove toxins in the body
  10.     Find friends who are both diets due to mutually motivate
  11.     Snack good for you because for lunch or dinner prevent excessive
  12.     Search droppings ruin your diet habits
  13.     Drink plenty of mineral water
  14.     If you include a big meal like that , try low-fat foods that contain
  15.     low-calorie vegetables cooked but not too long because the nutrient content can be changed and peanuts and nWill yoghert
  16.     Choose the smallest portion when in a restaurant
  17.     Buy tools and start making juice , do not forget to juice vegetables
  18.     do not think the salad safe to eat , because it can be combined with cheese
  19.     Toothbrush when there are cravings that will ruin the taste of snacks
  20.     Choose low-fat chocolate , if you want to eat chocolate
  21.     Eating almonds
  22.     Choosing foods that are boiled / steamed or baked rather than fried
  23.     Choose celery to " friend " diet
  24.     Avoid snacking while in a state of boredom
  25.     Consider any diet ordered slim woman
  26.     Use chopsticks to slow down eating
  27.     Prepare and focus on your diet , do not feel stress with diet
  28.     3 hours is a favorite meal snack menu , the best option is to increase energy with bananas
  29.     Try to opt for quality over quantity
  30.     Add spices or chilli to boost metabolism
  31.     Add ice into your drink , because the body will need the energy to adjust to body temperature
  32.     To defeat hunger while cooking , eat a salad first
  33.     Eating cooked food themselves of the food is ready to eat
  34.     If you read articles about dieting and fit the scissors and glue in the refrigerator
  35.     Adequate sleep
  36.     Drink soy milk instead of drinking low-fat milk
  37.     reducing salt
  38.     Put the photos in the fridge to motivate you .
  39.     Choose vegetables or green tea
  40.     Reduce drinking soda
  41.     To maximize fat burning , then multiply that eating nuts
  42.     Calculate the budget for snacks , set aside some for other purposes
  43.     When a new appointment select places besides restaurants / eating places such as in sports or other similar places
  44.     Choose the stairs of the elevator
  45.     Banana is a fruit that is consumed before exercise
  46.     Do not do anything else while eating
  47.     Make sure gets enough sunlight
  48.     Bite food slowly
  49.     Try herbal tea
  50.     Drink a glass of water with lemon juice to help feeling metabolism

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