Cancer Facts for Everyone

Cancer Facts for Everyone
Cancer affects everyone. It can affect not only for adult and rich people but also children, young, old, and poor people can affect for this disease. Cancer is the first of death disease in the world, especially in developing countries.
There are some facts of cancer. They are; cancer is the first of death disease in worldwide. Liver, lung, brain cancer, leukemia and breast cancer cause the most cancer deaths each year. Most people who have cancer are woman. Why is it happen? It happens because most of woman seldom to do sports. Besides, they did not maintain a healthy food. Most of the women in the world have breast cancer, because they consume unhealthy food like junk food and so on. For men, tobacco is the cause of lung cancer because most of men are smoking. For children, thecancer cause of gen. It happens since they are in childhood. 
Most of people who have cancer died because they lack of handling early. It happens because low and middle income country does not have enough money to get cancer treatments. Cancer treatments are very expensive. Having healthy is expensive. So, we should have healthy life style in order to keep healthy and fresh.