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For the Perfect Cup of Chai

In order to make the perfect cup of chai, one really needs to have the perfect chai bowl, and the perfect wire whip, and the perfect chai mix, and the perfect mug.  i can't possibly move on to the day's chores without my chai, and laundry is first on the list. 

Laundry is sort of a metaphor for life, really.  Before I can properly sort clean laundry, I need to know that I have a clean place to set it down and sort through it.  I won't know that I have that, until I've stripped and re-made a bed with very clean sheets, and this is how I start a day of super-human cleaning.  
And since the house will look pretty strange sporting just one small clean spot, there's no way I'm going to start a day of super-human cleaning unless I think I can finish the job.  So I go on from sorting laundry into my drawers to dumping clean laundry on my son's bed...........if I can find a clean spot on his bed.  Now that his clean laundry isn't cluttering up MY room, I can see that there are kitchen linens that need to go down to the kitchen where I see at least a day's worth of dishes in the sink.  The dishes absolutely CAN'T get left there for another minute.  As I'm loading the dishwasher, I look down and, what do you know?  The dog's bowls are empty, so I refill her food and water bowls.   

From my vantage point in the kitchen, I can see over the rail into the family room, where there's still a full length dining table loaded to it's breaking point w/ more clean laundry, so the cycle starts all over again, and rather than have to put away more bed linens, I decide to strip another bed and put clean sheets on it. 

This might all sound very boring and "so what" to you, but it IS in fact leading to a point, that I wish I'd emphasized a bit more in my book:  The Journey Starts Where-  Choice and The Adventure of Life.  The point is this:  Every choice you make, in every minute of your life, leads you on to the next choice or set of choices.  Each one hinges on the last, and each one will create ripples of change in your future.

What color top did you choose to wear, this morning?  That is going to effect your mood.  Your mood is going to effect how you meet challenges, Today.  How you meet challenges is going to be seen by everyone around you, including your colleagues and kids.  Your behaviors will effect the moods of your colleagues, and indirectly teach your kids how to handle challenges in life.  

When you stumble across a need to change your plan for the day, does it throw you for a loop?  Would you have felt calmer, facing that challenge, if you had been wearing a different color?  How you deal with change Today, also sets a precedent in your sub-conscious mind. It sets a pattern for dealing with change Tomorrow and the next day.

The human brain loves patterns.  We see them everywhere, and make them important, both consciously and sub-consciously.  The easiest way to change a pattern, is actually by making use of our sub-conscious mind, and it's love of patterns.  Creating new patterns, consciously, and sticking to them is the way to do that.  

Consider your self talk, first, because it's the little things that count.  Your self talk is the bed that needs to be clean so that you can sort the laundry without it getting dirty again. The way you talk to yourself can change your behavior patterns.  If you drop an egg on the floor, and then say to yourself:  Geez Luis!  I am such a clutz!  That begins a pattern of self loathing, that will continue until you become aware of what those words are doing to you, and make a change in what you say to yourself each time you drop an egg.  

Or you can continue to tell yourself that you're the biggest clutz that ever walked the face of the Earth and your sub-conscious mind will very quickly start to believe it.  This is because as far as your sub-conscious is concerned, saying it is so, means that it is so.  Since I was taught this truth, by some very smart people, and found confirmation of it in some research that I did, I've found it expedient to take responsibility for the self talk that I'm feeding into my brain.  

I'm a lot more aware, now, of when I'm speaking to myself less than respectfully and I'm careful to take stock of the reality of the situation.  I dropped an egg.  Now I have to clean it up.  That's sort of frustrating, but there's no reason to judge myself for dropping the egg.  

The egg isn't judging me, but my son might be watching how I deal with having dropped the egg, if he's doing his homework in the kitchen.  The egg is just an egg, and my kitchen floor is never very clean, anyway.  Even if it was our last egg, there's always a substitute for eggs when you're baking, or I can run out and get another box of eggs.  

In my book, The Journey...Life, I talk a lot about choices, and how they can empower us, if we remember to see them as the first step on a great adventure.  The first step is to see yourself as capable of making great choices, and as being ready to improvise if those choices that you've made turn out to have some repercussions that you didn't expect.  You'll only see yourself as that totally competent and capable person, if your self talk is in line with that self-image.  It has to fit the pattern. 

Setting a high standard for your self-talk will lead to a healthier life-style.  If you decide that you want a healthy life-style, than it follows that you would set all sorts of high standards for yourself, in every aspect of your life, including self-talk.  Saying encouraging things about yourself that you would want to hear from someone you respect and admire, is going to make you happy, and happy employees (even self-employed ones) take fewer sick days.  

Think about it. 

Yours in Service:

Sue Hirsch CMT and Owner of Perfect Day Massage at Tammy's Salon, and Certified Wellness Coach of Reap Your Dream, and Hostess of 100 People You Should Know radio show via Blogtalkradio.com