Fwd: New Years

Happy New Year from Reap Your Dream and Perfect Day Massage

I really hope that everyone had a wonderful new year's, and I know that you all know some of my thoughts on making New Year's resolutions, so I'll reiterate them momentarily.  

First, I want to mention a few mottos that came to me, in this past year, because resolutions are about things that you want to do while mottos are often about how you want to be in the world.  When I get up in the morning in order to act on my resolutions, I want to "hit the ground runnin'" like in the song All Star by Smashmouth. 

The reason that I want to hit the ground runnin' is that if I'm running, I'm moving forward, and if I don't move forward, than I'm essentially moving backward.  It's like when we were little and we stood in the surf, and when the water rolled in, it came just over our toes, and when it rolled out again, and we stood there watching our feet, it looked like we were sliding backwards really fast.  That's kind of how the world works.  It won't wait for us, so if we stand still, we'll be losing impetus, and seemingly moving backwards.
This almost leads into my next point on getting moving on your resolutions.  Are your resolutions moving forward with you, or are you making the same resolution again, this year that you made last year and the year before that?  Have you realized that resolution, yet?  If so, does it really need to be so high on your list of priorities that it gets status of being a "New Year's Resolution"?  If it hasn't yet come to pass, after being given that status over and over again, then why not? 

Possible reasons:  You're trying to measure up to someone elses standards/wants for you; you're asking too much of yourself, all at once; this item needs to be broken down into smaller bites in order for you to make any headway in bring it to pass; etc.

How about making more honest resolutions, this year?  How about making some that are realistic, for you?!  How about making some that come from your heart?

My heart wants to make some friends, this year.  My heart wants to get out more, this year.  My heart wants me to be more active in my community this year.  My heart wants to feel healthier, more of the time, this year.

Easy to say those things, and they even sound pretty specific.  The thing is that if I don't write them down, somewhere, I'll forget them in a few days, and they won't come to pass.  Also, even if I DO write them down, that doesn't mean that they'll come fruition without my having to actually put some time and energy into making them happen. 

Ya.  We actually have to do something about those resolutions, once we write them down, but don't worry.  If you decide, later, that they're too much for you to handle, you can always crumple up what you wrote and put it where it belongs...........Or spread it out in the bottom of your bird cage.

That's the great thing about New Year's or any other resolutions.  They can evolve and change as we do.  We're evolving and changing, every day.  I think I've mentioned that before, too.

So after I write down my resolution to make some friends, I'm going to start figuring out how I want to do that.  I can go to the local parks, and hope to see people there, and just strike up conversation with them, and find that we're kindred spirits, but there's no guarantee that anyone will show up in the first place. 

I can look on-line, for meet-ups of people doing things that I enjoy.  That seems like a more likely plan of action.  As I'm planning, I can even plan to try to kill two birds with one stone.  (There's that poor bird again- Sorry).  I can look for meet-ups of people who want to walk for exercise, so that I don't have to call that resolution simply:  Lose 10 or more pounds, this year.

Resolving to lose 10 or more pounds is all well and good, if it's really what you want, but do you know why you want it?  Do you know how you're going to do it?  Is it going to be fun, or is it going to be a miserable uphill battle? 

The wording of your resolutions can be essential, and can determine how close you come to reaching those goals.  As a Life Coach, specializing in Wellness, (a CWC) and as a young woman who has struggled, all my life to get my weight down, I know just how true this is. 

We can't be well if we're stuck in a rut, when it comes to trying to get something done that we know we need to do for the sake of our health.  If we haven't managed to do it, yet, then we need to make a new battle plan.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.  You'll just end up frustrated and discouraged. 

Turn it into something that you want to do instead of something that you have to do, and I guarantee that you'll get better results.  Not many of us want to lose weight.  Our psyches know that that means that we have to start depriving ourselves and working hard, because a lot of us (especially women) are genetically programmed to be full figured. 

Ladies, keep in mind that we were the ones, who have had to breast feed.  We needed to have some extra fat on our bones, in order to be the chuck wagon for our kids.  We didn't always have bottles and formulae so that we could hand that job over to someone else.  Nature had to make sure that we had enough meat on our own bones so that we could survive, while rearing little ones.

Now we just have to convince nature that we can change up the old genetic schematic for one that is able to hand over bottling to Dad.  Unfortunately, that is easier said than done.  Our bodies and psyches will fight to keep the extra weight, even if we're male, because once it's been there for a while, our bodies and psyches accept it as normal, and fight change. 

We may as well make it as easy on ourselves as possible, when we need to lose some weight, by getting inside our psyche's guard by making it something that we enjoy doing.  I enjoy walking.  I enjoy it less in the winter, because I hate the cold, but it's a place to start.  I can go walk the mall, in Northgate.  (Terra Linda).  It's a bit far, but I enjoy being there, and it's indoors. 

I love belly dancing, so I've found a "friend" that will teach me that in trade for massage.  (See, I'm already killing two birds with one stone.  I'll just have to keep apologizing to bird lovers, everywhere).  I could take classes, but they tend to be in the evening, and I'm trying to keep all of my potential friends, by not driving at night. 
To the community of Man at Large, I say:  You're Welcome (for that not driving at night thing).  To my readers, everywhere, I say:  Happy New Year, and may all your resolutions this year be about metamorphasing into the person that you always secretly wanted to be, and may that person live the most joyful life possible in the time he or she has left, and if you need any help in finding the fun, please come see me.  We'll figure it out, together.

Yours in Service:

Sue Hirsch, CWC of Reap Your Dream; Owner/CMT of Perfect Day Massage; and Hostess of 100 People You Should Know Talk Radio Show via blogtalkradio.com