The Risks of Diet

Having a thin body is always yearning to every woman. Many women do a variety of ways just to make it look skinny. One of the ways to make an ideal body is an excessive diet.  Many of the strict diet tips and various kinds of diet pills that promise weight loss in just a matter of days. But it is precisely such an extreme diet can cause many problems. Having extreme weight loss
can cause several diseases. Why is it happen? It happens because the body loses a lot of protein and vitamins substances which are needed for the body.

There are many risks of excessive diet. It causes many diseases such as anemia, bulimia or anorexia nervosa and menstrual disorder. It caused by eating disorder, so protein and vitamin substances which are needed for body are loss. The indications are tired, weak, and not exhausted. Menstrual disorder is very dangerous for your reproduction. Women who have menstrual disorder are difficult to get a baby. So, for you ladies, you should be careful to do diet. Don’t do an excessive diet, because it has diet risks. You can get thin body with the right diet. You should consider what you are eating.

It's good if you want to go on a diet you should choose a diet that is safe manner and tailored to your body keteahanan, or consult your personal doctor. Advice and input from Doctor will greatly help you.