10 cancers caused by cigarette

According to the study there are 10 types of cancer are caused by smoking. Also mentioned also that male smokers will die 13.2 years younger than non-smokers, while female smokers die 14.5 years younger.

Smoking can cause cancer of the mouth, voice box, and esophagus. Women smokers have a 13 times higher likelihood of contact with lung cancer than nonsmokers. While male smokers 23 times higher lung cancer than nonsmokers.

Stomach and gastric cancer, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, can cause fatal if diabetes mellitus, diabetes, cervical cancer, blood cancer or leukemia.

Smokers 3 times higher risk of suffering from cataracts can cause blindness. Cigarettes can be a major cause of stroke and brain damage. Smokers 10 times higher risk of suffering from periodontitis (gum burning that leads to infection), which can damage the soft tissue of the bone.

Other impacts could develop pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, chronic cough, heart failure, heart attack, hypertension, and stroke. Infertility, premature babies, infants born weighing less (LBW), and respiratory distress