5 Simple Ways to Keep Healthy Heart

5 Simple Ways to Keep Healthy Heart-Not everyone knows what the function of each organ of the body, then from tu they also do not know what to eat so that the body's organs and organs stay healthy.Each organ plays each, including the liver . His job : set the number of carbohydrates , keeping blood glucose levels , regulate the balance of amino acids , fatty acids , cholesterol , hormones as well . Not only that , the liver is also responsible for removing toxins from the body .
To run the full functionality of the liver , of course you have to take care of him . Here's how , as quoted fitnea .
Enough water
Get used to consume 8-10 glasses of water each day . Plain water is the only way the liver remove toxins from the body . In addition to water , you can also consume water that is infused water with fruit extracts like lemon . How to : add the lemon juice into a glass of water .
Lemon helps improve liver detoxification . Citric acid contained in it helps remove toxins.
consumption of vegetables
Types of vegetables such as green vegetables , beets , carrots , cabbage , kale , and arugula able to keep the heart healthy. Be sure to eat at least two servings of vegetables a day .
Additionally , you can add onions and broccoli that contains more sulfur to improve liver detoxification .
gentle massage
While lying on your back , you can gently massage the gall bladder and liver area located along the lower ribs on the right side of the body . This helps to increase blood circulation to the heart .
Do not overload the liver
Heart working hard enough without having to process the intake like alcohol and painkillers . Generally , regular or low doses of painkillers is the leading cause of liver failure and other heart diseases .
mineral intake
Minerals are essential for liver detoxification process . Make sure you eat plenty of foods rich in minerals or mineral supplements . Not only it is also a line of essential nutrients needed to support the liver's detoxification processes including magnesium , calcium , potassium , copper , sodium , iron , zinc , selenium , manganese , and others .