Twitter and Facebook, to reduce Depression Modern Medicine

Twitter and Facebook, to reduce Depression Modern Medicine-Social media has become an indispensable part of human life . One of them , Twitter . The media is now the container outpouring of the heart of each user . Happiness , sadness , and frustration expressed there .

Researchers also mentioned , the site bearing the bird could be a " @friend " of depression reliever . Eric Horvitz , head of Microsoft Research Laboratory in Seattle Washington also make application helper depressed people for the future .

Horvitz see , many depressed people are too embarrassed or afraid to talk with other people that do not get the right treatment . However , they can express all through Twitter .

Diagnose , Horvitz said , easy .Staying saw " chirp " Twitter users are more likely to use the word " I " , " me " , or " I" . When someone types in it , indicating him to be more introspective . It is an indication of
a person suffering from depression .

If so , one time accompanied and given advice . As a first step , Horvitz focused applications that depression medicine for women who suffer depression after childbirth .

Therefore , during this time many women experience emotional changes after the baby is born .Quoting the Daily Mail , Horvitz Twitter plans to control the women since they announced the birth of a son or daughter . He then traced , any " chirp " them three months before and after . Problem accuracy " chirp " that existing research.

Horvitz created software that can analyze the accuracy of " chirp " before and after birth . More than 70 percent of the message that the women showed signs of depression after having a baby , an accurate