Cancers Caused By Cigarette-Part 5

- Hair - Thin
According to the chemical toxins in cigarette smoke can damage the DNA in the hair follicles and generate cell - damaging free radicals hair . As a result , smokers tend to have thin hair and graying faster than nonsmokers . Men who smoke have twice the chance of hair loss than nonsmokers
- Flabby - Stomach
Smoking is an appetite suppressant and people who smoke have a lower body weight than non-smokers . However , a 2009 study in the Netherlands found that smokers have a deeper fat than nonsmokers .This fat can accumulate in your midsection , ultimately increasing the risk of other diseases such as diabetes .
and the most annoying is the blind following of passive smokers get wrinkles untu risk bleak dull and others mentioned above ...
- Body - Odor .And it's no secret cigarettes smoked will make the body and the mouth becomes smelly . The smell of cigarette smoke embedded in the body and also out of the mouth when bercakap2 for some people this can be very cloying . Then is it not strange , if the poison is still just complete suck ...

D. ( Being addict of cigarrets ) So a murderer and selfish human being .The most annoying of these is smoking hobby , can penghisapnya menjad killer of people around him without his knowing it . cekidot ;
Quote:When the pain from unhealthy behavior , it is a natural thing . But what about for people who are sick , as a result of the actions of others ? It's an unfair thing . Similarly, the case for people who are forced to inhale cigarette smoke from people smoking around him .
Inhaling secondhand smoke is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes alone . Even the dangers of secondhand smoke to be borne tripling of the dangers of active smokers .
Diseases that can be suffered by second-hand smoke is not better than active smokers . They become susceptible to cancer , heart disease , lung and other deadly diseases . They were surrounded by cigarette smoke will die sooner than those who live with cleaner air . And the death rate increased by 15 % higher .
From a study of 1,263 lung cancer patients who never smoked , it appears that they are to secondhand smoke in the home increases the risk of lung cancer by 18 % . When this happens in a long time , 30 years , the risk increased to 23 % . When exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace or social life , the risk of lung cancer will increase to 16 % was when last long , up to 20 years , the risk will increase again to 27 % .
The concentration of harmful substances in the body greater secondhand smoke because the toxins are inhaled through cigarette smoke is not filtered active smokers . While cigarette poisons in the body filtered through the end of the active smoker of cigarettes smoked . " However, the concentration of active smokers toxins could increase if active smokers inhale smoke again that he exhales "
Toxins produced by the largest cigarette smoke billowing from the tip cigarettes were not smoked . Because the smoke produced by the burning of tobacco that is not perfect ..