Cervical Cancer-The No. 1 Disease Killer of Women in Indonesia

Cervical cancer is one type of cancer that attacks women. In Indonesia, so many patients with cervical cancer. Not surprisingly, the so-called cervical cancer as the No. 1 disease killer of women in Indonesia.

The designation signifies how ferociously against cervical cancer in Indonesian women. To avoid the dangers of cervical cancer, it is important to know the characteristics of cervical cancer.

Characteristic of the first cervical cancer is pain during sexual intercourse. Not infrequently the female sex organs to bleed. Sometimes, the blood is also out with urine.

If you are experiencing these events, you should be wary. Because cervical cancer is often spread through sexual contact. Human papilloma viruses that cause cervical cancer often spreads through sexual intercourse

The next characteristic is the appearance of cervical cancer or vaginal discharge watery fluid from the vagina. These characteristics are typically seen in patients with advanced cervical cancer. Therefore, we need to make the treatment of cervical cancer before it's too late.

The occurrence of bleeding during menopause can also be a feature of cervical cancer. Examination to the physician must quickly be done before it is too late.

Meanwhile, the characteristics of cervical cancer that also easily observed is the drastic weight loss. The weight loss associated with the working mechanisms and organs in the body is disturbed due to the presence of cervical cancer cells.

The characteristics of cervical cancer is preceded by breeding HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) in the body. HPV has a kind of very much. Recorded more than 100 variants of the HPV virus is already known.

If any of them have the above characteristics of cervical cancer, should quickly screened for cervical cancer whether or not the body is being plagued because of the slower inspection done, the more it is not clear what steps must be performed