Down Weight 20 Kg After Diligent Drinking Green Tea and Cycling

Having excess weight tends to make a person less confident . At least that is perceived by Lusi . Habit of eating rice in large portions , snacking , coupled with a lack of desire to exercise , make gaining weight from day to day .The 23 -year -old girl was not confident when being photographed with her ​​friends and felt a little difficulty in carrying out daily activities . " My friends often think that I 'm pregnant because I had a big belly . I also feel heavy when walking , so that everyday activities become less productive , " said Lusi to detikHealth and written on Monday ( 02/10/2014 ) .The amount of loss which is felt to make a girl whose full name is Siti Aisah Louise is determined to reduce his weight . He holds the principle of not spending at all costs and not taking weight loss medication .Lusi dividing weight loss methods into three options , the first method is done by cycling in the morning for 60 minutes . However, this method was judged less effective because he still consume large amounts of food due to hunger after cycling . Perceived thirst after cycling was making himself often drinking cold drinks and sweet .Having felt that the first method is less effective , so he did the second method . This method is done by selecting it and reducing its food . When running the second method , he began to limit sugar intake and diligent consume green tea which is believed to accelerate the body's metabolism . Sometimes he also fasted on Mondays and Thursdays .This method is quite bring significant results , initially weighing 75 kg down to 60 kg . This decrease makes it even more eager to do all three methods , namely with exercise and reduce food intake into the body . " I do not need to spend any money at all . By doing a first and second methods of weight I can get off 5 pounds in a week , " said Lusi .Now Lusi weight has dropped back to 55 kg , and he realized that dieting does not mean eating a good meal should not at all . He said you can still eat delicious food as long as it is balanced with diligent exercise . That way , it would be a lot of wasted calories than the calorie intake."I know health care is expensive , so I 'll keep doing the diet and exercise to live a healthy and better, " he said .