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Sacking the Hackers and Feasting the Fans


I'm fortunate to have a really great web guru, who is ever vigilant about being sure that I always look good in print.  If he hadn't been on the ball this past week, you might have had to suffer some very un- family friendly, Asian advertising.  Seems there are hackers even in the Orient. 

If you did chance to see something really horrendous here, before it was expunged, I am deeply sorry, and can only re-iterate that:  I didn't do it!  I was actually too busy to blog, in this past week or so, because I was working on my upcoming Community Wellness Speaker Series, Meet the 100- Grow Yourself; Grow a Cause.

This speaker series kicks off on May 31, with some kind words from the Mayor.  This first event will be free and refreshments will be offered.  Each very intelligent and dynamic speaker will give you a brief synopsis of the talk that they will give on the day/eve of their particular event.  There will be 6 more ticketed events for $15/ticket, and all will be held at Lydia's Sunflower Center where you will be able to get a 10% discount on your meal before each event. 

You may recognize some of the speakers' names:  Dale Wannen, of Sustainvest,  Wendy Lyon, PhD, of My True Love Path,  Anastasia Schuster of Access Speakers, 

These professionals, through their work, improve the general wellness of our community.  This was the germ of the idea from which this speaker series grew, so it seemed natural to also spot-light some of the non-profit and charitable organizations of our community, as well.  On various days, we'll hear from Gwen of the Cimmaron Sanctuary, Bridget of EDRS, and Meri of Our Diabetic Life.

This Community Wellness Speaker Series will be great fun, and I hope to see everyone there.  Please feel free to call with any questions.  I will let you all know within a month about how to get tickets.  The first event is free, so getting there early to get your seat is advisable.  

Enjoy the rest of your week, Dear Readers.

Yours in Service:  Sue Hirsch, Hostess of 100 People You Should Know radio show via Blogtalkradio.com;  Certified Wellness Coach of Reap Your Dream and Owner and CMT of Perfect Day Massage now at Tammy's Hair at Bodega.