Researchers Say It Can Be Used for Fish Stock preserved Blood

Scientists have discovered a new way to preserve blood by using fish . The fish are believed to overcome the problem of lack of blood supply in the hospital because it has the ability to preserve the stored blood .
At this time , the blood is preserved using a cooling device , which will only last for one month . Therefore , the number of donor blood supply is needed to keep blood stocks are always available .
As reported by the Mirror , Monday ( 02/10/2014 ) , scientists from the University of Warwick found that the antifreeze proteins used fish to swim in the sea ice , such as Arctic cod , can hold blood for longer .
" We know that all kinds of fish that exist today can survive perfectly in the sea with a temperature close to 0 degrees , " said Dr. . Matthew Gibson , as scientists from the Department of Chemistry at the University .
" We use this as a start to find a synthetic replacement , " he added .
In America , the blood frozen using cryopreservation , which links the addition of the equivalent amount of organic solvent to terminate the growth of ice crystals . It is believed to be lethal to cells in the blood .
Even so , the use of a solution that takes a few days , not useful for transfusion in an emergency .
The system used in this new study adds the amount of protein as much as 0.1 % of the blood volume . " We still need further testing . Novel method is very promising to extend the life of stored blood for medical procedures and resolve availability of blood at this time , Dr. Light . Gibson .