Substances Harmful in cigarettes

Nothing makes me really wonder, when the question to the smoker why they smoke, and keep smoking even know that it is harmful to health, and what pleasure obtained, cha could never get a satisfactory answer ... cha know that in addition to spending money (or burn it), make body odor, bad breath, and made ​​a public toilet odor, also interfere keyaman the people around the smoker or passive ..

But okay maybe it is not such a thing would be considered by the smoker, because it is common knowledge when we are addicted to something, our tolerance level towards becoming a low around .. so maybe facts from various viewpoints is below their consideration could Jaid

[i] A. Contains the most complete collection of lethal substances substances no bully

# A cigarette contains 4000 and 400 toxins, and a small portion of them ....

in one cigarette ... bsia seen that they smoke is a hazardous chemical substances which should not be entered into the body ' at all , such as methanol, which became one of the substances in the material rockets or hydrogen cyanide talent that is usually used as a poison for the death penalty ... and much more other substances that can diliat yourself in the picture ....

and in one cigarette is also contained 5 compound that is very deadly ...

1 . nicotine

a substance that makes people who suck be addicted , addicted , and if not continuously agitated mennghisapnya within a short span of time ... that nicotine itself is very effective for
- deadly brain cells ( so ready prepared so heavy forgetful , or stupid or Alzheimer's later on )
fast - causing blood clot and
- harden artery walls

2 tar .

tar is a substance used in the manufacture of asphalt . the greatness of this substance in no less damaging to nicotine ;
- killing cells in the bloodstream
- stimulate the production of mucus in paru2
- The main cause of lung cancer

3.CO ( carbon monoxide )

Well great ... other than asphalt materials , nicotine and others , those smokers also inhale voluntarily harmful toxins , carbon monoxide is a substance / vehicle exhaust gases . If you do not believe in the dangers of these substances , please breathe exhaust gases dr truck exhaust in the minus oxygen especially indoors , in a lapse of some time you will be limp and even sudden death can instantly ...
because it binds hemoglobin in the blood so that the body loses oxygen .. maybe that is why smokers look older than her age and not fresh dr ..

4 . carcinogen
- triggers cancer cells


5 . irritant
- pollute the airways and air sacs in the lungs 2
- cause coughing

nah ... it just feels quite 5 gives an overview of how these cigarettes dahysat effect , just try to imagine that the five substances and hundreds of other substances when inhaled through the nose and throat . Zat2 directly affect the nerve around the nose and hearing .... the smoke flow through the lungs passes through bronchus , broncheolus , and alveoli , and when in alveoulus substance substances mentioned above that I left behind , clinging and sticky , whereas gas exchange occurs there then , so all of that material substance then successfully pumped around the body on and on ....

so it is no wonder if then permitted to make the penghisapnya so banayk risk of the disease :