The story of Timothy, boy with cancer whose eyes Frequently Ball Release

Eyes certainly be one of the vital organs in the body all the people , including the boy named Timothy Kapoyo . But , for Timothy , lost one eye that is often separated from the petals is that frequently he experienced .Due to eye cancer retinoblastoma or experienced. Nine- year -old boy 's left eye skehilangan emotion . Therefore , the doctor gave her a false eye to fill the voids left eye Timothy empty . Since then , Timothy left eye so often loose ." When I first grade no name friend Elsa him exasperated with me and pinched my left cheek . Then slightly pulled down , eh detached his artificial eye . Frightened and called him the teacher . Teacher also fear . Finally his eyes were taken , to be installed in the same home mom , " the story of Timothy when talking with anyo detikHealth at home , while at the same residential home education for children with cancer and was written on Monday ( 02/10/2014 ) .Another incident also once made the currency Timothy dislodged when he turned his face while drawing lessons . When it was accidentally dislodged Timothy false eye . Then , the youngest of four brothers named Indy asks his friend to fetch her ​​." Uh dianya even scared and run away . Mrs. teachers also fear that time , " Timothy said , laughing . When her loose , Timothy claimed not to feel pain and is common if the eyes are reinstalled . How do I install it ?" Upper eyelids drawn , then hand over the eyes installed , pull the lower eyelid and eye glued the bottom , " he said . Not just in school , when traveling on a plane from Jakarta to Kalimantan Timothy eye ever off , you know.At that time , he used to look into the glass , then pulled his eyes to check whether the fake currency was still there . But when that happens , when the left eye drawn Timothy no . He also told the mother, Magrice ( 48 ) . Having sought the eye turns Timothy buttocks tucked in near the mama.

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