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Off to See the Wizard!!!

Hello faithful readers!

In case you still have a Perfect Day Massage Gift Certificate, you may want to use it before the end of March.  It was akward to tell my new landlord that I was going to be closing down Perfect Day Massage, now that I've been there for an entire month, but I'm growing, as a person, and needed a change.  If I were to ask some all powerful wizard, I know that (s)he'd tell me that all of my best answers and solutions are right there inside me.  I'm going to go with that and invite you all to come to what will, in effect, be my "debutante ball". 

There won't be dancing at this ball.  There will be food, (at a 10% discount before each event) friends, the Mayor of Petaluma, and dynamic speakers who will each give a 3-5 minute synopsis of what they will be talking about at a follow up event.  Lydia's will be selling tickets to this event as it will be at their Sunflower Center on May 31. 

You should be able to find more detailed info. on this Community Wellness Speaker Series at MeetThe100.com by the end of the first week of March.  (My web guru is working on putting it together).  You'll see details there about what speakers I have lined up for you, and on which dates they will be speaking and at what time.  I suggest that you buy tickets in advance.  I think that Lydia's holds about 100 people seated comfortably. 

 I can still be found online, of course, at www.reapyourdream.com. and this is the other new direction in which I am growing.  It's time for a change from my almost 15 years as a massage therapist.  I've been ICF certified as a wellness coach for almost a year now, and hope that it will give me the creative outlet that I found somewhat lacking in the massage field.

Massage is very good for you, and should be made part of your monthly self-maintenance routine, because it does more than just make you feel good for an hour.  (A topic for a whole blog post on it's own).  On the other hand, I was getting to the point where I could give massage in my sleep, because my hands knew what to do, when they met up with people's various tensions, and I began to need more of a mental challenge.  Hence, Reap Your Dream was born.  You'll still be able to find me there, for a long time to come.  www.reapyourdream.com

I hope that my massage services will be missed a bit, because that would speak well of my skill as a therapist. 

As I mentioned before, I'm not going away.  I'm simply changing fields.  I am hoping that you will find me so scintillating, dynamic, intelligent, magnetic, and charismatic as a speaker/MC at Meet The 100- Grow Yourself; Grow a Cause on May 31 that not only will you come back for the rest of the Meet The 100 Community Wellness talks, but you will consider retaining me as a Wellness Coach for yourself or your teens. 

A teenager has needs that are totally different from an adult.  They need to know that change is a constant, and that they have complete control over their wellness through their joy, and that they can't expect anyone else to hold the key to their happiness.  (Another topic for a while new blog post).  I could easily go on with this train of thought.  It's very important that we teach our kids that they, alone, are in control of their state of mind.

There is one person that I think of, besides myself, when I think of great teachers for our kids, and that is Helen Greico, founder of Brave People.  She will actually be one of the last speakers at my Meet The 100 series.  She will speak on Aug. 23.  The event is from 12-2 with a discount on lunch from 11-12.  Anastasia Schuster of Access Speakers and Meri Schumacher of Our Diabetic Life will be speaking during that event, as well.  

I hope that you will all be there.

Thanks for reading.

Yours in Service: