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Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had another really great professional on my show.  The last two shows were all about how organizing can help you to be healthier and to run a more profitable and productive business.   If anyone would like to be on my radio show, I happen to have a spot free, next W. at 10am.

After I gave a massage, Yesterday, I went and had one, myself.  I really needed it.  I hadn't had one in a while, because my son had Mono, and we didn't know why he was dizzy and head-achey, until just this past week, when the doctor found the anti-bodies for Mono in his blood work.

After I got a massage, I actually practiced what I preach and had a long hot shower, to help my therapist's handi- work set in.  Okay, not the most original pun, ever, but not bad for having had less than a Tablespoon of my dirty chai, this morning.

Speaking of being early birds, we've got the flyers printed for the Community Wellness Speaker Series, already and it's not until the end of May.  My site, with more details about that event, should be live by the end of the week:  You will also be able to find it by Googling

If you want a flyer, sooner, you can find them at Mentor Me Petaluma's main office, in downtown Petaluma, and at Petaluma People Services on Petaluma Blvd.  Michelle Minero also has some, and I'll be giving them out to my other speakers as well, so that you will soon see them almost everywhere you go, around Petaluma. 

Hope to see you all at Lydia's for the kick-off on May 31.  You'll be able to buy tickets at

Yours in Service

Sue Hirsch, CMT & CWC.