Now Why Don't She Write?

Sorry it's always a rather long while, between blogs.  What's my excuse, this time?  I guess it would have to be "life".  I've gotten very busy, living life, lately.  I'm putting together that event at Lydia's that I've been telling you about, on my radio show, and on my Facebook page.  If you don't know about it, yet, please check out  All the details are there.  It's a Community Wellness Speaker Series.  Pretty much what you'd expect from a Wellness Coach and her cohorts. 

So my mission for this year, is to really practice what I preach and do everything I can to make myself happier and healthier, and avoid having to make lots of extra visits to my doctor.  I'd really prefer to solve my own minor health issues, using essential oils, as opposed to Western Medicine.  I am not a big believer in antibiotics.  They do work, and while they're curing your infection, they're also killing a lot of the good bacteria in your body.  As bad as that is, it's almost worse that we pay excessively, for our meds and antibiotics to big pharmaceutical companies. 

Because of the inordinate amount of money that we pay to Big Pharma, those companies are well able and often do pay politicians to make a lot of the laws that make things easier for them to do their business.  Those laws aren't always written with our best interest in mind.  Not only does the health of the general populace suffer, because Big Pharma has some politicians in it's pocket, but we pay more, monetarily, for our drugs that our doctors and pharmacists say we need to get healthy again, and stay healthy, slim down, bulk up, etc.  

That is my take on the matter, and I am speaking in broad generalities. 

So as I said, I am trying to keep myself healthy, and avoid unnecessary doctor visits.  I'm doing this by getting more exercise, and that's part of what has kept me from blogging more regularly.  My new exercise regimen includes taking karate classes with my son, at Segal's ATA, here in Petaluma.

ATA has recently moved to the Lucky Shopping Plaza at Lakeville and Caulfield.  It's right next door to Mountain Mike's Pizza, which is great for karate evenings, when my hubby is going to a dance class.  Fortunately, Mt. Mikes makes gluten free pizza along side the glutenous ones, and we've had good luck with those.  We've had good luck in that we haven't yet had a Celiac reaction after we've eaten it.  That doesn't mean that pizza is a really great choice, all the time, health wise.  It just means that we can enjoy it, safely when we do eat it. 

I've liked a few gluten free sites via my Facebook page, if anyone is interested.  And don't get me started on how big food producers have been allowed to mess up our food sources with GMOs and over- processing, because they're as well able to pay off politicians to write laws favoring their shady practices as Big Pharma.  A lot of people are catching on to the fact that we have a lot more food sensitivities than we used to, because big food companies have been allowed to mess with the growth process of our crops and livestock, hence the big tadoo over the "organic" label. 

So we've always tried to eat organic, in my household, and I remember when it was sort of a novelty to see that label on our foods, because less food was over- processed.  It was what it was, and big companies sold it the way it was, because they didn't know yet, how to turn it into something less healthful, for which they could charge more per unit.  Consider how milk companies often label their milk cartons:  Vitamin D Added.  Milk naturally had Vitamin D, until steps were added to the processing, at the factory.  That extra processing removed a lot of the natural good stuff from the milk, so the milk producers just added it back and realized that putting it on the label would be a great marketing ploy.

There are a lot of really great stores, restaurants, and companies, here in Petaluma that practice safer/more healthful food.  Whole Foods is really good about labeling their organic and GMO products.  Sprouts has just sprung up off of E. Washington Street, and I expect good things of them.  Lydia's Cafe is great for folks that want some vegan, raw, organic and gluten free choices, all in the same place, and even on the same plate.

Those are just a few.  I'll research a bit more, and add more restaurants, etc. to my FB page, that practice safe food.  Meanwhile, you can do  your part to stay healthy and keep our local economy healthy by checking out your local Farmers Market and really finding out where your food is coming from, when it's not coming from a big company that doesn't have our best interest at heart. 

My son and I enjoyed some quality time together at our local Farmers Market, this past week-end.  He was bored of going to the movies, and I've always loved open air markets.  We bought cherries, cheese and honey from small family run farms in Sonoma County. 

Cody found the cherries, and dragged me over to the booth to buy some.  He knows that they're his father's favorite fruit.  We re-hydrated, just before making the actual purchases with some Vitamin C. drink packets that we dumped into our bottled waters that we bought there.  The Vitamin C. packets are a product of Trader Joe's.  TJ's is another great store, here in town.

We had done a lot of walking, that day.  I had parked in the garage, on D, and we walked to lunch on Kentucky near E. Washington.  We had eaten at the Food Bar.  I tried to have the owner on my radio show, once, but she got slammed with work.  The Food Bar is another really great place to eat organic and home made.  If you haven't been there yet, it's across the street from Copperfields, and not to be missed.  Tell Lori I sent you.

So I'm walking a lot more, and exercising a lot more, and using an essential oil, currently to make my lungs feel a bit better.  They lost some elasticity the year I met my husband, because I had severe Pneumonia that year, and I'm just realizing how much elasticity they've lost now, as I'm trying to exercise more.  I was just learning about essential oils that year, and used way too much Eucalyptus for my tiny studio apartment.  I had to sleep with the sliding glass door open to the balcony for months.  Thank goodness for screen doors!!

Too bad my office window doesn't open as easily as that sliding glass door. ..........

The chain of the blind on my office window broke, recently too, so when I want privacy, I use a bull clip to clip together the decorative curtains that live behind the blind.  It affords me privacy, but not a lot of sleep past 6am, when the sun comes up, these days.  That's a little more okay than it used to be as I'm learning to nap at three in the afternoon. 

It's kind of hard to not nap, when you've sworn off coffee.  I've finally bit the bullet and sworn off coffee,.........(read "again") because it just gives me heart burn.  That's another part of my sprint toward better health and wellness.  I'm going to stop doing things that offend my body.  Over- eating has to dwindle if not end, and coffee intake has to stop.  I swore off once before, but it's an addiction, like drug or alcohol addiction.  I fell off the wagon for a while.  Definitely time to get back on.

I guess I've made up for the shortage of blogs, with the length of this one.  (Pun intended).  In closing, I'll just wish everyone a local and organic week, out in the sunshine and fresh air with your family/friends.

Yours in Service.
Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach