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In Jewish lore, there are some numbers that are special.  I'm not quite sure how it's done, because I've never been very religious, but somehow, every letter, in the Hebrew alphabet has a corresponding number.  When you put the corresponding numbers to the word Chai, (pronounced "hi") you get the number 18, and as the word "chai" means life, the number 18 is considered to be significant to the Jewish people.

You see, it's not that we hold life more sacred than any other peoples.  It's just that we took the time to build a few chapters of lore around it, so that we are teaching our children that life is precious, in the hopes of keeping numbers of violent deaths and suicides to a minimum.

I suppose that in this day and age, when the crime rate is on the rise, even here, in peaceful little Petaluma, I'm hoping that mentioning the beauty of life will serve as a reminder to us all.  I am hoping that all who read my blog will remember that their own life is a gift to be treasured as well as the lives of those around them. 

There will be days when life doesn't seem like a gift.  I can guarantee that.  I can also guarantee that there will be days when it is clear and evident that your life is well worth living, and that your daily situation will change on a moment to moment basis, because change is the only real constant in life.  ...........unless you count death and taxes.

Even if Today doesn't seem like a precious gift, Tomorrow is definitely worth checking out, because it'll be different, so wait a while and see. 

I had a friend that didn't.  Maybe you had a friend that didn't want to wait and see if their Tomorrow would be different.  That's sad, because they cheated themselves of all the Tomorrows that could have been really great and exciting and full of wonder. 

I share with you, the pain of that loss, and the hope that you will find a space in which to laugh again, when that pain has lessened a bit, because it will lessen in time, and you will laugh again.  I give you permission to laugh again, without guilt, when you're ready, and I give you permission to experience your true feelings, and share them with trusted friends and loved ones.

You don't really need anyone's permission at all, but there it is, if you thought you needed it, and I give it to you 18 times over, just for fun and to bring this blog full circle.

I'm not usually, by nature, this serious, but I have a friend in Carlsbad, where there is a horrific fire raging, just now, and I am suddenly very aware of the value of her life and all life in general.  The senseless shooting of a young boy, with a toy gun, here in Petaluma is another reminder.  A police officer mistook his toy gun for a real one.  There was also the recent tragedy of Sandy Hook, and our world has seen it's fair share of natural disasters.

I want to tell you how I get through my bad days, besides just knowing that Tomorrow will be different.  That's difficult, because there's no one way or one right way.  Like you, I'm human, and just muddling through from day to day doing what-ever works to get by, but there is one thing that I do very religiously, for a non-religious person:  I notice the things that go right, and let those things make me smile.

It's easy to notice the bad stuff, and easy to remember it.  A lot of folks say that it's harder to take note of the good stuff that happens, but after a short while, it becomes a habit, and then it's easy, and makes you feel great-  like exercise.

I notice things as simple as how a warm cup of chai (the drinking kind) feels in my hands, and how it smells, before I sip it.  I grin when I see a couple youngsters in my sons karate class give each other a shoulder hug.  I eagerly anticipate my next intimate getaway with my beloved husband, and even tonight's dinner...........My husband is the cook in the family, so I've good reason to joyfully anticipate dinner. 

Tonight will be my 3rd karate class, and I'll be receiving my white belt, and I'm excited about that, too.  I've joined up with my son, because I want to make happy memories with him, of karate with Mom, and more memories beyond that.  I'm hoping that the karate classes will get me back in shape, because I'm a little too breathless a little too quickly, these days, from being a little too overweight.

If anyone else has weight issues, I've learned a few tips and tricks.  Feel free to email or come for a massage and ask me. 

For those who don't know yet, you can learn some tricks for improving many different aspects of your life, along with your nutrition regimen by coming to my Community Wellness Speaker Series:  Grow Yourself; Grow a Cause.

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Yours in Service

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach and CMT