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Stop and Hear the Laughter

Those of you who know me, will probably remember that my son and I have Celiac Disease.  In and of itself, that's not all that amusing.  In fact, it's kind of a pain in the proverbial back side, but these satires dealing with the subject might get a chuckle out of you.  I found it through one of my yahoo groups, called Silly Yaks:


I'm going for the chuckles, Today.  I tend to have some trouble being original, in this area, or maybe it's just my timing, or my delivery.  I've never been too sure, so I've perfected the art of turning people on to some of the funny stuff that I've found through Facebook or friends.  Here's one that I found through Facebook: 


I also love Billy Crystal, Bob Newhart and Bob Hope, Lilly Tomlin, Bette Middler, Carol Burnette and Friends, and many other classic comedians.  They had something that you don't find in a lot of comedy, Today.  They stuck to wholesome humor, rather than falling back on the low born stuff used by a lot of stand up comics, of Today. 

I believe that I've mentioned The Upbeat Times, before.  In their latest edition, they advertised on the cover that there was some bad news to be found in their publication, for the first time ever, and then left that page blank, saying only "No News is Good News".   Anyone jaded on the usual news reports that always seem to be full of only bad news should take a break from all that to look at The Upbeat Times.  It can be found in a lot of coffee shops. 

so please let me know which of those sites have the best humor, and I'll post the results in a blog somewhere along the way.  Meanwhile, go laugh.  You'll live a longer and healthier life. 

After you have laughed for a while check out my other site to learn a bit more about my event called Grow Yourself; Grow a Cause.  It's coming up at the end of the month, and it's a ticket event.  You can find more details here:  www.meetthe100.com

Yours In Service:

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach