As much as we were outside, this past week-end, it occurs to me, that Nature must see us very differently.  We see ourselves as being out of doors, when we're hiking, but really we're just a small part of everything around us, and there's no separation, except that which we create to comfort ourselves, when we go to bed at the end of the day.  We create walls and floors and ceilings to keep Nature out, so that we feel safe to go to sleep, and what we're really doing is shutting ourselves off from the place where we should feel most comfortable, because we came from there, in the first place.

What's more important, right now, though, is for me to give you the links that you'll find above.  They're links to sites that will put you in touch with more opportunities to hike and to remember how to feel more comfortable in the great outdoors again.  I was looking for those opportunities for myself and my son, so you can be assured that those links will give you leads to family friendly hikes.  Some of those hikes are attached to over- nights on preserves or similar lands/rescue centers here in Sonoma/Marin. 

Just something that you might want to check out, because I've discovered that this is another really fun way to get fit, and to have real quality time with my son.  I don't know a lot about our environment or camping, but our guide said something really insightful, Today.  She reminded us that we don't have to have the answers.  It's enough that we want to share the wonder of the world that we live in, with our children, and instill in them a sense of wonder and an eagerness to find out what that plant/animal is, and what it's role is in it's habitat. 

We were participating in this kind of camping hiking adventure, this past week-end, at the Pepperwood Preserve, and unfortunately, they don't have any more over-nights planned for this Summer.  Be sure and google Pepperwood.  Their events are not to be missed.

Yours in Service

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach