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The Monthly Mess

This would seem to be a blog post geared for women, and maybe, for the most part, it is.  On the other hand, any man that wants to learn a few survival skills useful to staying happily married, might want to read on.

I've learned over a 10 year period how to help my family to deal with my periods or to be more precise, with the moodiness that comes with it.  More than physical discomfort that tends to accompany a woman's menses, I tend to become emotionally unstable and unpredictable. 

My husband learned the signs, without being told, and made me dinner, brought me chocolate and ducked out of the way.  His survival instinct had taken over.  When my son was about 5 or 6, I realized that he needed some survival training, because he was taking the brunt of my monthly hormonal crash and burn, and was having trouble understanding why everything he said or did hurt Mom's feelings, or made her angry. 

In my sensible moments, (the rest of the month) I realized that my son is really a very good boy, even when I'm being strange (in the archaic sense).  I took an opportunity one day to tell him that, and to tell him that he's a good boy and he doesn't deserve to be yelled at, and that I'd let him know when I was headed for another such monthly melt down.  I explained a bit about how hormones take control of a woman, once a month, and he got it. 

If your children seem a bit young for the topic, you might want to draw the comparison between a PMSing woman and a person transforming into a werewolf. .............depending on how young your child is.  It's an apt description.  Not only are women often in the grip of something that they can't control, but both things happen to be related to the cycles of the moon.  .................Okay, a tenuous relationship, at best, but you have to admit that there's something to it, even if it's only humor, timing and myth.  

The important thing is to telegraph to anyone you love that hasn't yet learned the signs, that they're going to need to walk on eggs for a few days, and tell them that no matter what you say in those next few days, that you love them, and hope that they will not take what you say to heart, and that they will go on loving you too, after the dust settles. 

Speaking of settling...........I am not settling for a half baked event, Tomorrow.  If you haven't yet registered and paid for a ticket, online, for my event at Lydia's Sunflower Center, you can still do that.  Seems like a lot of folks are waiting to pay at the door.  There will be a lot going on, though, so we'd really prefer that you pay on line, by first registering through Lydia's, online. 

My son will be there to help give out name tags for you to sign, and raffle tickets for you to hold on to, until the end of the event, when we'll draw for door prizes.  A few others will be helping at the door too.  You can meet my husband, Marty there, and a good friend and massage client of mine, Wendi Emmert.  She and her husband own and run a phone company, so if you want cheaper phone service or new phone service, from someone local, they'd be a great choice. 

Keep in mind that if you buy your ticket at the door, it will cost $15.  If you buy ahead, (and you still have a day to do that) it will cost only $10. for this kick- off of the series.  Each of the rest of the talks will cost a bit more than the kick-off, and if you buy the package of all the talks at the kick- off they will be discounted to only $65. 

You can check out exact pricing, and the whole list of speakers, (which has recently been updated) here:

Take care, and remember to tell your loved ones that you love them, or better yet, show them, by giving them the information that they need to get along with you when you're being difficult.

Best Regards, Dear Readers.

Yours in Service

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach.