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One Of Those Days

It started out as one of "those" days.  There just wasn't a whole lot going right, this morning.  The one thing that was right, was in fact, me. 

Me of a year ago, probably wouldn't have handled the chaos half so well as the me of Today.  Last year, I might have flown into a rage on seeing that my son and his friend had dumped a lot of noodle soup on the floor because they'd been fighting over a remote control.  They were supposed to be eating breakfast and getting ready for school.  This year, I merely made them go to the bus early, so that I could seethe under my breath as I waited for the dog to clean up the most of the noodle soup mess.  Then I finished the job with paper towels and a squirt of 409 rug cleaner, and went to put on a radio show.

I called the guest that I had lined up for my show, weeks ago, to remind him to call in in an hour, and he told me that he was sick.  Inspiration Struck!   I called the owner of a restaurant that I discovered, Yesterday, and asked her if she'd like to guest on my show.  She said she'd love to, so I called her again with three minutes to air time, and she had gotten slammed with work. 

Two guests had dropped like flies and I had no guest for my show, Today.  Okay, maybe work would be better.  Ever hopeful, I went to work. ...........on the second hottest day of the year.  Fortunately, I work indoors.  Work turned out to be a safe and quiet port in a storm, if a bit humid due to the heat coming off the crock pot with my gliding hot stones in it.

I enjoy my massage work.  My clients are respectable and respectful people, and now when they come to see me, they can also get a hair cut or have their nails or faces done by the other in- house professionals.  I've recently moved to Tammy's at Bodega Hair and Company.  That's on Bodega just outside of Petaluma City limits, at the corner of Thompson and Bodega.  The exact address is:  3500 Bodega Ave. 

I enjoy my work so much, that when I had a chance to retire, I didn't take it.  I considered it, because it's physically taxing, and I was ready to begin a lifestyle that would be more mentally challenging.  In the end, I chose the best of both worlds.  I'm still doing massage, because I've always loved it.  I've just slowed my pace a bit, and begun to plan speaking events and workshops. 

I'm also making lots of plans for the rest of this school year, and for the Summer.  For those of you who don't know it, Pepperwood Preserve in Santa Rosa hosts some really great educational events that are nature oriented, and geared, often, toward families.  For dance lovers, Tribal Fest is coming up, in Sebastapol.  Ask me, if you're interested, and I'll email you a link.  I'll be getting back into Yoga soon, as well, and look forward to mingling with some fellow residents of Petaluma there. 

I injured myself, doing Yoga, once, but on balance, I believe that it will do me more good than harm, as long as I don't over- stretch

Don't know about all of you, but life has been a bit hectic here........hence the scarcity of my blogs.  Lately we've opened our home to a friend of my son's.  We haven't adopted him, but sometimes it seems that we have.  He spends many days and nights here, each week.  He's a good kid, and we're just trying to give him a leg up, where one seems to be needful. 

On the other hand, we can't neglect the needs of our own son, so we are working to strike a balance.  A balance means that our son gets good sleep and the space that he needs to relax.  This friend of our son's is very active, and our son likes an hour or two of down time, in the late afternoon.  His friend has some trouble understanding why our son won't spend every minute in active play, with him, so at times his welcome can feel over- stayed.  At these times, I begin to remember all the great advice I've every given anyone else about setting boundaries, for our own sakes and for those we love. 

This friend came with us to my son's 11th birthday party this past Sunday.  That was a wonderful day at Tara Firma Farm.  It didn't even matter that none of my son's class mates were there.  We'd gotten the invitations out a bit late, so a few neighbors were there, and my parents and that was really it. 

My husband, at times a professional magician, fell back on one of his first loves, and pulled a rabbit out of a hat.  Of course his version of that old trick was all his own, as were all the other tricks.  The kids loved them all, because he involved the kids, for each trick, and really engaged them with his patter.

My parents had an ace up their joint sleeve, as well.  They had brought Cody his first Razor Scooter, and all the kids had a good time whizzing round the tent on it.  The floor of the tent was, fortuitously, paved.

And the road to you- know- where is paved with good intentions.  I intended to get some real work done, this afternoon, because I was giving massage, Yesterday and Today, and will be doing that again, on Saturday.   I guess I could simply ignore the list of things to do, and take a break for a bit, before I have to drive my son to karate.  After all, I've put a lot of thought and energy into this brag Today, ..........I mean blog!

Yours in Service,
Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach