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Review This

I've never much cared for on-line review sites.  Yelp left a bad taste in my mouth from the get-go, and since my first few on-line reviews, I've heard from others that many on-line review sites are simply not to be trusted.  ...........including and especially Yelp.

From the beginning, I noticed that a lot of the wonderful reviews that my clients told me they wrote were no where to be found on Yelp, and that a lot of the ones that were, shall we say, less glowing, stayed stubbornly put on that site, for several years and more. 

Fortunately, most folks seem to be wise enough to know better than to judge any business by it's Yelp reviews, or the reviews on any other site, and I'm in good company when I tell you that those reviews are rarely a true reflection on the company being reviewed.  There are recent articles on this topic in the NY Times and The Guardian.
So when I got a call from a representative of Yelp, this afternoon, I thanked him politely and told him I really wasn't interested.  I didn't give much thought to giving him a chance to tell me what he wanted, because he had already left a message on my machine a few days ago, asking me to call back, regarding my listing on Yelp.  I hung up and I don't know if it was an accidental redial, but he immediately called back, and I distinctly remember not bothering to pick up the phone.  Instead, I finished my very important Scrabble game, and then put his phone number in my "#s to be blocked by Comcast list". 

You can do that, if you have comcast.  Dial *60 and listen for the prompts.  I love this service.  If I happened to know of a really fair review site, I'd give Comcast a really wonderful review on it.  You'll just have to see my reviews here in my blog roll.