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Along the Way

We're all on a journey.  We don't have to take our journey alone, but ultimately, we have to make all the final navigational decisions, but there's plenty of help and advice out there for the asking. 

I asked, and because I did, I am down to about 3 Tums in a 7 day week, as opposed to an average of 3 in a day.   I'm losing weight........I think, and I have a lot more energy through the day than I have in the past ............Ok I can't remember how long, but it's been many years.

The improvements started with a change of a coffee that I was drinking.  I mentioned the heart burn to my husband and he got me acid neutralized coffee.  That did for most of the heart burn. 

After that, I met with a couple of gifted ladies who often work together to help people to feel healthier and to make mental/emotional break- throughs.  Their names are Jan Cercone, RN, and Brenda Galloway, Naturopath.  I don't know how they did it, other than by listening to me talking about my symptoms and my childhood, but somehow they nailed the problem.   

I never would have suspected that I hadn't been assimilating the nutrition that I was taking in.  I was eating well, albeit too much, but I was always lethargic.  I had cut gluten out of my diet, and was eating more veggies, and I thought that that would be enough to get me feeling better.

On the other hand, I was realizing more and more that I had a carb addiction, and it was keeping me from losing the weight that I wanted to lose.  Carbohydrate addiction can be just as real and just as detrimental to your health as addictions to any other substance generally thought of as addictive and or unhealthful.  Mine had become a problem, and I was finally ready to do what I had to do to solve the problem. 

I wasn't willing to just give up the pasta and garlic toast and cakes, and sandwiches, before so I simply refused to acknowledge that I had a problem.  Fortunately, producers and manufacturers are beginning to give us more low carb and carb free choices.  My husband found me kelp noodles and I found tofu noodles, and our local favorite Thai restaurant will sell me a box of steamed bean thread noodles, so that I can have noodles in my egg soup in the mornings. 

I can see how the crunchiness of the kelp noodles might put some folks off.  They do stay very al -dente.  The tofu noodles are soft and give my soup a nice flavor.  My Nurse and Naturopath team advised me that the tofu can still gum up my insides, so I don't have too much of it.  It's just nice to have substitutes, so that we don't feel deprived.

And really that's the whole secret to dieting.  We're starting to realize that when we deprive ourselves, we're setting ourselves up for failure.  Dieting has come to be synonymous with deprivation.  That definition actually isn't highly placed in the Mirriam- Webster dictionary.  Here it is as it really appears there:

a :  food and drink regularly provided or consumed
b :  habitual nourishment
c :  the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason
d :  a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one's weight <going on a diet>
:  something provided or experienced repeatedly <a diet of Broadway shows and nightclubs — Frederick Wyatt>

Diet should be thought of as something you regularly do or eat.  It doesn't even have to pertain to food.  It can refer to hobbies and other activities as well.  Even to sleep. 

I've begun a sort of a diet of putting myself more in the world's lime-light  (I look so good in green) and really enjoying being a grown-up.  I forgot, for a while, that grown-ups could enjoy themselves.  I was happy, but something was missing. 

I was missing a facet of my own identity.  I was a wife, daughter, mother and massage therapist.  It wasn't enough.  I had to add a little more excitement to the mix, or I was going to keep looking for it at the bottom of each bag of pretzels that I used to polish off by the end of one of my favorite tv shows...........of which there were many. 

So I started looking for fun activities to share with my son over this Summer, like the Pirate Fair that we just went to.  I also wanted to instigate something that would make me to feel like I was giving back to my community.  I've told you all about it already, here in my blog roll, and on my radio show.  It's my Community Wellness Speaker Series, at Lydia's Sunflower Center, in Petaluma, and if you say that you read about it in my blogs, you can get into any one of those talks for only $5.  (Reg. $10. at the door). 

You can read a bit more about it at:   www.meetthe100.com

I'll be doing more of these speaker series, so you may want to introduce yourself when you come to one of my next events, and let me know what you do, if you'd like to be one of my speakers.  I'll be happy to have you on-board.

Yours In Service.

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach and CMT/Owner of Perfect Day Massage