In Scorn of Gov. Rick Perry

I saw something on Facebook Today, that effected me greatly.  Our leaders continue to think, that it's their job to impose a way of life on the rest of us, or to impose their judgement of our way of life on us.  This is arrogance and government sanction of bigotry, even if it is just something said in passing.  This is the arrogance that brought about Indian Reservations and the conversion of the "savages", and the justification of stealing their lands, and killing them with gifts of blankets infected with small pox. 

Here was my reply to Perry's obvious ignorance, in comparing Homosexuality to alcoholism:  Feel free to take his email and voice your own opinion:

No one has yet proven homosexuality to be harmful, where- as alcoholism destroys the health of the drinker and can destroy the lives of people unfortunate enough to be near-by while the alcoholic drinks and drives or abuses family members. 

You look like a complete idiot, here, for taking this stand:

A lot of people are different from you, in this world.  To take a stand that puts down any one group of those people is pure and simple bigotry.  To try to impose your life- style on any of them is to repeat the mistakes of our past.  We also imposed Christianity on the Native Americans, when we came into their country.  There was much that we could have learned from those Natives, had we not been arrogant. 

Fortunately, you are not my state governor, so please, feel free to continue to give voice to your ignorance, bigotry and arrogance, so that I can keep an eye on the bills for which you vote, and vote the other way.