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A Time of Change

I want to start this one off with something inspiring.

The world is changing, folks, and while violence and atrocities are still more prevalent than many of us realize or want to admit, there are also random acts of kindness to be found, when one knows how to look.  Note that I didn't say where to look.  I said:  how to look.  The trick is to really look with the heart held belief that more people in this world want to be good and do good than want to commit violence or forcibly visit their opinions on others.

In fact, I invite everyone to take the challenge with me, and post photos to the net, where you can catch candid random acts of kindness, and right thinking and surprising happen stances of non-bigotry.  That's not really a word, and I don't care. 

We have to fight ignorance and intolerance with a louder voice and vote of knowledge and acceptance.  Bigotry won't change those that aren't living up to the standards of those who believe that there is one right way to walk in this world.  If we want anything to change, we have to BE that change.  We have to set the example of tolerance and acceptance, in order to pave the way for a more peaceful future. 

Just about all the pics you'll see when you click the link above, portray one party spontaneously helping another.  A policeman saves a dog, in one, a sibling soothes his younger sibling in another.  Sometimes we forget that good things happen in the world and that was the point that the original poster was trying to make.

These good things can only happen, when we're not being ignorant, intolerant busy-bodies or simply apathetic to the bullying going on in our vicinity or even over- seas.  We think that we can't do anything about government sanctioned gay bashing in Russia because it's happening in a different country, but we can lead by example, and we have that obligation. 

Consider our favorite super- heroes.  A super hero wouldn't shun a duty to save someone because they were elderly or a person of color.  Some Super heroes even saved pets.  (Superman saved a cat out of a tree in one movie).  Peter Parker's (Spider-Man's) Uncle Ben said it best:  With great power comes great responsibility.

Super heroes aren't real, so we have to be our own heroes and heroes to our neighbors and neighboring countries by allowing the bigotries of the past to fade into the past, where they belong.  It really doesn't matter who is in the "minority", because there's no such thing as "normal".  When you're walking on the street, you're walking next to someone who is, in some way challenged, gifted, gay or a different race or gender than your own.  There's no getting away from people who are different, because each of us in unique.  In that diversity, if you allow yourself to see it, you will find, great beauty and strength. 

Some of that beauty is gone this week.  The world lost a great man.  He officiated at my wedding and told stories at my grade school on Fridays.  His name was Rabbi Barenbaum.  You can read a bit about all the wonderful things he did for his community, here:

Don't disdain a unique element of our society that you might miss, Tomorrow. 

In Honor of My Rabbi,

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach