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Things That Make Us Say "Hmmmm"

I'm not losing weight.  I got a bit more serious about my fitness, a couple years ago............or thought that I had.  I find that I'm still coming up with excuses, so once more, I have to work to destroy my own excuses.  I guess that's a part of the "human condition".

But really!  What kind of self respecting Wellness Coach allows herself to get so out of shape that she's winded after a fast walk almost around the block?!

Just adding a few days of going to Curves hasn't worked, because even though it was on my calendar, I found reasons to not go.  I got side tracked because I wasn't going to minute I woke up. 
I get it now! 
I've gotten wise to myself, and  started karate classes with my son, in the evenings.  I can't get out of that, because everyone has seen me achieve my white belt, already..........including my son.  He's my best reason, and every other reason. 

Okay, I also don't like being winded after circling the block or tying my shoes, or being reticent to have people take my picture, so I'm getting some extra help.  I'm going to try to cut carbs out of my diet, completely.  Getting some help with that goal, as I know that I'm addicted. 

I met this great lady, recently, who can help me curb that addiction.  Her name is Jan Cercone.  She's an RN specializing in Vibrational Healing.  She was on my radio show, and spoke at my Community Wellness Speaker Series.

That Series is an on-going thing, that I'm doing at Lydia's Sunflower Center, here in Petaluma.  You can find out a bit more about it by clicking this link:  On June 28, Susan Price and Michelle Minero will be speaking, from 12 to 2.  Susan Price is a Professional Organizer.  Michelle Minero founded EDRS, and authored a book called:  Self- Love Diet the Only Diet that Works.  (You can get a 10% discount on your lunch at Lydia's if you come at 11). 

The entrance fee is $20. at the door, and $15. for advance tickets through the meetthe100 site.  On the other hand, you could get in for FREE for emailing or calling to tell me that you saw this blog post or my event description on Google Plus, or my Facebook page.  Any friends you bring, in that case will get in for half price.  ($10). 

And when I find some really great health or wellness tip on the net, I'll share.  Like this one:

I also found some great carb substitution sites, and some of the recipes on those sites sounded really great.  Here's one of the sites:

There's a link on that site that suggests using cauliflower, instead of regular or corn flour to make tortillas, and the recipe is given.  It seems like an easy to make easy, that even I'm willing to give it a try. 

See you on June 28th!

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach