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I'm going to tell everyone a bit more about the Community Wellness Speaker Series that I got rolling, because it's turning out to be really great, and I'd love to be able to share it with even more of the community, so please check out the newly lowered entrance fee of $10. on the site: where you'll also find a listing of the rest of the speakers and the dates on which they will be speaking.

We just heard from Susan Price, Michelle Minero, and Lisa of EDRS on the 28th of this past month.  They were all wonderful, dynamic speakers, and they were very good at "keeping it real", as well as interactive. They were giving us a piece of themselves, when they spoke to us, and they gave us tools that we were able to take home with us, to improve our every day lives.

Susan gave us tips on how to start organizing our home, one room at a time, or even one section or corner of one room at a time.  She told us about her "three thing rule".  Easy to remember because a lot of things come in threes.  I highly recommend getting that one from the horses mouth.  Contact Susan at:

Michelle Minero, Authoress, Founder of EDRS and Lic. MFT specializing in family therapy around eating disorders gave a beautifully simply and interactive talk, the other day, and we came to understand the truest meaning of the word diet, and to realize that "diet" should not be the enemy.  It should never make us feel deprived, but only enriched, fulfilled and loved, by ourselves and others. 

If your "diet" is making you feel cheated, deprived, or restricted, then you need to read her book:  Self- Love Diet, The Only Diet That Works.  If you have or know someone who has an eating disorder, you need to get in touch with her or with someone at EDRS.  You can get in touch with Michelle here:

Michelle's friend and staff member at EDRS said something very apt.  She said:  Eating disorders don't discriminate.  She meant that anyone can have an eating disorder.  I would take it a step further, and say that it's no shame to have an eating disorder.  It's only a shame to allow yourself to be so ashamed by it that you try to hide it, instead of asking for help.  Help is all around you.  Friends and family that truly count will be eager to help you to face and grow past your eating disorder. 

Eating disorders are difficult to face alone, and no one should have to feel alone.  This is, after all, Petaluma.  Petaluma is definitely one of the most helpful places on Earth.  Besides EDRS, we have the Petaluma People Services, which gave rise to the Bounty Farm, and many other services for all different types of people with all different types of needs, including affordable housing, and food.  Downtown we have a Community Acupuncture Clinic, where you can get help for many different kind of ailments for only $20.  COTS takes care of housing needs as well. 

Basically, if you need it, you can find it, in Petaluma. 

These sources of help for us, could use our help, in return.  Most of them are reliant on our donations and volunteer work.  The ASK Foundation especially, could use a boost, just now, as government resources usually put toward education have recently been cut. ...................again. 

There are some who are trying to counter- balance the damage that war funding does to education.  Richard Standard Tale- Teller is more than just a Teller of Tales.  He founded the Dulcimer Project, which brought music back into our schools, for a while, until there were further cuts to educational funding.  Richard is still doing what he can to promote the Dulcimer Project. 

The Dulcimer Project gets music into the hands of children, and their parents and teachers, by giving them ready to assemble dulcimers that they can then paint and play, using the easy to read, beginners music that comes with the cardboard dulcimer.  You can hear him recite some old folk tales from around the world to the music of his own hand made Dulcimer at:  You can also hear him at my next Speaker Series event at Lydia's on July 3, along with myself, and Gwen Justice of the Cimmaron Sanctuary. 

Gwen Justice teaches therapeutic horseback riding.  To me, and maybe to a lot of other forward thinking folks this probably sounds like a no- brainer.  All animals are therapeutic.  A cat's purr vibrates at a frequency that can heal wounds, and sooth errant heart beat issues, and those are just 2 examples of what Vibrational Healing can do.  If you want to ask the expert in Vibrational Healing, look up Jan Cercone, RN. 

So of course horseback riding is therapeutic.  The person who can properly tell you more about how it works, is Gwen, and you can look her up at:  You can also come to hear her tell us all a bit more at my next event at Lydia's, on the 3rd, from 7-9p. 

Come at 6 for a 10% discount on your dinner.  Lydia's serves delicious raw, organic, vegan and gluten free food, along with some refreshing natural beverages. 

Yours in Service:

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach
Message line:  707-762-3578