The Real Power

Just because it's cliche doesn't mean that it's not true, or not well thought out.  We say that "knowledge is power" for a reason.  My intent in pasting the link below into my blog, Today was to share some of that power with my readers. 
When you click on that link, you'll find a lot of blogs authored by people right here in Petaluma.  They have some informed opinions on everything from how to do parenthood, to cleansing your liver and cleaning your home, and those are just a few of the helpful tips that you will find in their blogs. 

I've bumped around the Argus Courier, online, before, but never really noticed these helpful blogs, until Today.  I can only hope that others have noticed this section of the Argus, and have been taking full advantage of the information to be found there. 

Remember to call into my show, Tomorrow, to win a life coaching session or a massage.  I'll be giving away life coaching sessions, first.  I have 4 of those to give away and one massage.  So be sure to be one of the first 5 to call in.

I had given my show a bit of a hiatus, so that I could work on organizing and MC'ing my live events at Lydia's.  These speaker events are currently on-going.  The next one is on the 19th.  Check it out at:

I'll also talk a bit about my oil of the mo. club, and give away a few oil blends to callers in.  I don't have a guest speaker, Tomorrow, so if I don't get callers in the first 10 minutes of the show, I may just sign off as soon as I've had a chance to tell everyone about my Community Wellness Speaker Series, again, as well as my oil of the mo. club, which includes Oils For Wellness Workshops that will be held at the salon where I work. 

I've recently moved Perfect Day Massage into Bodega Hair and Co. on Bodega Ave. in Petaluma.  It's very cute and rustic, and has a nice family feel to it.  I love working with the ladies there, and they will love giving you hair cuts, facials and beautiful nails, and you can schedule online. 

Sometimes just knowing that you look great makes you feel healthy and strong.  Definitely come see us, and see how true the cliche can really be.

Yours in Service:

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach