Back on the Air!!

Hey folks.  I'm going to be airing my radio show again, 100 People You Should Know, starting this Monday.  I'll be taking calls during each show, and especially this Mon, and prizes go to the first 5 callers in.  I'm giving away a first session of Wellness Coaching when you sign up for a package, but only to callers in to my radio show. 

In case you're going to be tuning in for the first time, on Monday, the show live-streams via at 10am PST.  It used to air on W/F.  I'm changing now to M/F.  The time will remain the same.

If you want to meet me, in person, I'll be at the Art and Garden Festival, here in Petaluma, Tomorrow with a couple of kids in tow.  One of them will be mine.  The other is rented, and the two of them, are inseparable. 

Today we were at the Greek Festival in Rohnert Park, and there's another festival in Cotati, this week-end as well.  It's the Accordion Festival.   Get out and hear the music.  Smell/taste the good food, and pick up a souvenir.  It's Summer.  When are you going to have another chance like this to get out among friends, and enjoy festivals?  We regret more the things that we didn't do, verses the things we did do.  Enjoy!!

Yours in Service,

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach.