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75 Years Funny

I guess that Mickey Mouse just has a lot of experience being funny, because he's still going strong after 75 years.  I was playing a Mickey Mouse Wii game with my son last night, and actually found myself giggling at the sound effects.  Every time Mickey jumped on an animated obstacle, like a spider or toy soldier, it would disappear in a cloud of stars or pixie dust, but not before making some very discomfited sound effect.  Mickey's inevitable and girlish laugh of triumph, when my son or I progressed in the game, was amusing, as well.

Of course only a kid can make any real progress in those games, because as grown-ups trying to learn how to manipulate the controllers, we're simply fish out of water.  The thing is, that I needed some way to inter-act with my son, before bed-time, because I realized that we really hadn't connected, Yesterday, and the Wii was perfect.  My son doesn't really like (non- Wii) games that have structure, and I really don't like games that don't have structure, so we rarely "play" together. 

This Summer, I'm really trying to get us out more, for adventures, like hiking and fishing, and playing at the playground.  It's seeming to help, by counter balancing the times when we get home, and I'm so tired that all I want to do is collapse in front of the tv for a while.  I'm not proud of the times when I don't bother trying to connect, so I suppose that this reminder to my fellow parents is my way of doing a sort of penance. 

Mickey just worked so well for us, last night, that maybe I'll make the Wii our ritual before bed thing.  And if you live here in Sonoma, and don't yet know of Hageman Ranch Trout Farm, I highly recommend finding it on Google Maps.  It's a straight shot from E. Washington to Bodega Ave. and on to Valley Ford and Hwy 1.  Each of those roads becomes the next, and Hageman will be on your right when you get there. 

When we were there, Larry was renting out the tackle.  He was very good about teaching a couple of newbies to bait hooks, and which way to flip the thingie on the reel, before we put our fingers on the line to cast out.  He tried to teach us how to get the hooks out, with a needle nose pliar when we caught a fish, and my son got the hang of it.  Me, not so much.

We had 6 Rainbow Trout for dinner, that night.  The biggest was about 6 inches long, (Cody caught it) and Larry told us that there's another pond on the land stocked with fish bigger than that.  My son made me promise that we'd try that pond, next time.  I only hesitated for a minute because Larry had told us that those fish are harder to catch.  I just wasn't sure I was ready to graduate to the big pond, yet, when I was pretty sure that 2 or 3 of the smaller fish had feasted on my bait and swum away laughing at me.  But then, it's not about me, is it.

When we're parents, it's partly about our kids, but it's even more about the relationships that we build with them.  We have this wonderful opportunity to encourage them to dream and to try.  We have this very short window of time in which to create the relationship that we want to have with them for life. 

How do we want our kids to remember us?  How do we want them to remember their relationships with us?  That lovely relationship that you're envisioning now won't just happen.  You have to invest in it a bit, every day.  It's the little things that count.

Sometimes we're lucky enough that we remember a truly supportive and wonderful relationship with one or both of our parents or the person/people who raised us.  Either way, we can use that relationship as a template, because every relationship has some good and some bad in it.  Even the worst relationships can be life lessons. 

If your relationship with the person/people who raised you was awful, learn from it, and learn to do the opposite for your own kids.  If you don't have kids of your own, then learn to nurture your own inner child, and treat yourself as you would have wanted to be treated growing up. 

I love that I have a son, and wouldn't give back a minute of my relationship with him, except to make myself a better Mom.  If I could go back in time, I'd get healthier a lot sooner, so that I could truly enjoy more time with my family.  Too often I suffered from colds and heart burn, such that I wasn't good company for them.

This is my year to turn all that around, and start living the life that I've been wanting to live for a long time.  I've recently seen an RN and a Naturopath who recommended some supplements that are vanquishing the heart burn, and before that, I learned how to take better care of myself to cut down on the colds, so that I'm able to laugh more with my son, in the evenings, at Mickey Mouse, instead of wanting to collapse in front of tv by 3pm and go to bed by 5. 

And just in case anyone else feels like some supplements might help them to feel better, I highly recommend seeing Brenda Galloway- Naturopath, and Jan Cercone, RN specializing in Vibrational Healing. 

I also recommend:
Herbs and spices were natural remedies for centuries and each one has multiple health benefits that will surprise you.  The same holds true for organic foods, and natural products.  Things like apple cider vinegar and baking soda and hydrogen peroxide have dozens of uses that most of us have forgotten about or never knew about.  The contributors to this publication haven't forgotten and continue to put the information out there for us.  All we have to do is take an interest in taking back our health from pharmaceutical companies, companies that make synthetic cleaning products, and companies which make synthetic personal hygiene products- like toothpaste and shampoo.  Our lives would be cleaner and healthier (not to mention cheaper) if we made our own laundry detergent, and shampoo. 

Maybe we need to start small.  One homemade product at a time doesn't seem too over- whelming.  Let me know if you're taking my challenge.  I'll offer a free essential oil along with your massage, to help you along your way.  Let me know which household cleaning or self care product you're making this week, and I'll give you an oil that will boost the effectiveness of your product, when you come to get a massage. 

I'm at a new work address, now, on Bodega Ave, and I work by appt. only, so be sure to leave a message, and I'll call you back.  I check my machine 2x/day:  707-762-3578.  You'll get brownie points for saying hello like your favorite cartoon character, but please leave your message as slowly and clearly as you can.

Yours in Service:
Sue Hirsch, CWC of Reap Your Dream