Bumps and Plateaus

You've probably noted my frequent reference/analogy to life as a journey.  Along the way, we will all hit bumps and plateaus because we're normal human beings.   I will be honest, with you all when I realize that I've hit a bump or plateau, because that way, I won't have to keep track of any lies that I've told.  Those lies are rather like trip lines attached to explosive devices on a field of battle.  I have enough trouble avoiding stepping on the bones that my dog leaves round the house. 

Anyway, I recently hit some bumps in the road to my journey toward better health.  I gained another 20 or so pounds, and it took me a long while to be able to loose even the first few of those extra 20 pounds, but I've finally made a dent.  Just last month, I was somewhere between 179 and 170, and now I'm back down to 170. 

Here's my secret:  I was so focused on having fun, that my exercise routine wasn't drudgery.  I hardly noticed that I was exercising.  So basically, I started or recommenced to practice what I'd been preaching for a long time. 

That fun that was happening, was called a vacation.  I went away to Tahoe, with my DH and parents, for a few days, and took my son Craw-dad fishing, which required some navigation over big awkward rocks, and I did a bit of walking up and down Kings Beach with my DH, as well, and after we left my son with his Grands, to spend a few quiet days at a Hot Springs, we did a lot of walking back and forth between the beautiful warm pool and the lodge. 

The walks were well worth it, for the gorgeous, panoramic views of the land and sunsets that we had from the pool, once we got there.  Those views are not to be missed.  They're soul healing.  Just keep in mind that we were at a clothing optional Hot Spring, so parental supervision may be advisable.  :)

Pets are not allowed at the Sierra Hot Springs, unless they're K-9 Companions with jobs, like therapy, guide dogs, etc.  Kids are allowed, and they're allowed in the pool, as long as they're clean and quiet, like the rest of the good, civilized folk around them.

Each room at the lodge is unique, and very comfortable.  The floors do squeak a bit, and if it bothers you, you can stay at the sister lodging- the Globe Hotel.  The Globe is a bit more Renaissance- y and just as unique as the lodge at the Hot Spring. 

And of course I got off on a tangent (read: side road) here.  I meant to get round to letting you all know that I'm back on track now, even though it's a bit like starting from square one, all over again..............Hope Springs Eternal, and I know that now that I know what I really need to do to get back down to my fighting weight, it'll be a lot easier to actually do it. 

Another boon was a meeting with a couple of very professional women.  One is an RN, and the other is a Naturopath.  They really helped me to get on the right track, mentally.  I had to first deal with some issues of my past, in order to be able to go forward, with an understanding of why I crave certain foods, and eat a certain way.  Knowing that, helped me to pin down a way to get out of that box, and begin to install new programming/better habits. 

I finally realized that I wasn't going to be able to lose the weight without some help, and that I need to lose the weight in order to feel better and have more energy and to curtail the beating that my heart is taking from my being over- weight.  I'm just beginning to get that help, now, because I've tried doing it without help for a couple of years, and where's that gotten me?  Just to the land of lethargy, and higher numbers on the bathroom scale. 

So my advice to you, after having been there, for far too long, is this:  Get help.  Get a support group.  Get professional advice.  And most of all-  Get Out of the Box.  Remember that definition of insanity that I mentioned in my last blog.  If you keep doing the same thing, (rather than getting help) and expecting different results- that's insanity. 

Yours in Service,

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach