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Over and Over Again

I remember being taught the definition of insanity, or at least one definition of it:  Doing something the same way, over and over, and expecting different results. Okay, so that's a good rule of thumb, but what about the idea that practice makes perfect? 

Of course there's no such thing as "perfect" but practice has been shown to make you really good at doing that thing, that you've been doing over and over, in order to improve that particular skill. 

You see, that is what athletes do.  They practice their chosen sport for many hours a day, whether they feel like it or not.  The important thing is that they're keeping the memory of the motions fresh in their muscle cells. 

I was contemplating this, this morning, as I reviewed my own performance, last night.  I was simply dancing with my hubby, and while I wasn't dancing well, I was dancing.  I stayed focused on having fun, and trying to get back into the swing (pardon the pun) of dancing. 

Normally, I am fairly well balanced, and better at keeping up with the timing of the music, than I was, last night.  I was having a very off night, last night, and I finally told my husband to take a few other dance partners, so that he could at least get some proper exercise.  I knew that in a sense, I was "giving up", and for a while, I got down on myself about that.  Later I realized that there was a lot going against me at the time, and that I wasn't giving up, forever, but only for the evening. 

I will be doing a lot of dancing, in my life.  I'll be dancing on nights when the music is better than it was, last night, and on nights when I haven't just been glutened over my vacation, so that I'm a bit muzzy headed and off balance. 

Then there will be the nights like last night, and we just have to sort of grin and bear it, and try to push through and do the best we can with what we've got for as long as we can manage.  Life is a journey, and you have to ask yourself how you want to take that journey.  Do you want to travel along on your journey, being miserable and down on yourself, for one poor performance, or do you want to keep practicing, until you get better?  I hope that you said the latter, because success feels good, and that'll make you happy, and people want to be around happy and successful people.

Yours in Service

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach