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If you click on the link above, you'll see a really great essay about how different types of folks measure time. 

If you click this other link:,  you'll find a Living Social voucher for a group hypnosis event in Novato that I know will be really great, because I know the woman that will be doing the hypnotizing.  Her name is Marilyn Grahm and she's a
Clinical Hypnotherapist with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (A.C.H.E.)
Certified Health Coach, Center for Obesity. 

I recommend using the Living Social voucher to get yourself some weight loss help, if you need it, because you'll save yourself a bundle on finding out if hypnosis is the right path for you, and you'll make a connection that is likely to change your life. 

I've learned to look carefully at the on-line sites that I frequent, because they often turn me on to other blogs and sites that I like.  For instance, Aqus turns me on to other e-newsletters of other local businesses.  That's where I found that great essay that I mentioned in the beginning of this blog post. 

Since I now know that Marilyn Grahm is personable and real, as well as a qualified professional, in her field, I'm also keeping my eye on her site, for tips and links.   ...........And I'm doing all this while walking, and chewing gum, of course. 

I'm still busy raising my son, and organizing my workshops and I really hope that I'll see you at Lydia's on the 23rd at Noon.  I've got another couple of fabulously intelligent and dynamic professionals all set to talk about what they do and how it can improve your well being and the well being of the community. 

Helen Greico, PhD and Founder of Brave People will be speaking to us about Brave People and how we can raise our children to be ever more independent and creative thinking, and safe.  (Read: street smart).  

Tara Smith of Tara Firma Farms will be speaking as well.  She owns a farm right here in Petaluma, and wants to tell us a bit about what eating better can do for us, and how she can helpus to do that. 

Meri Schumacher- Mom Blogger of Our Diabetic Life will tell us about diabetes and what signs to watch for, as it is becoming sadly, more prevalent in our society. 

There will be a bonus talk in September.  Call into my radio show, next Mon. the 18th to win free entry to that one.   I'll let you know the exact date, during my radio show this Fri. or next Mon.  I'll also be giving away one massage during each radio show, starting on the 22nd.  The call in # for the show is: 
(347) 677-1860.

You gotta call in to win.  Can't wait to hear from you!

If you want to make an appt. for a massage or Wellness Coaching consultation, please know that I work during the day and if I don't pick up, when the phone rings, the I check my messages morning and evening, and will call you back within 24 hours.  I do need at least a day's notice when scheduling a massage. 

Thanks for understanding.

Sue Hirsch, Certified Wellness Coach of Reap Your Dream(.com)
Hostess of 100 People You Should Know radio show via
and Owner of Perfect Day